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Navigating your web development career with confidence

Gain career insights from Simon, Careers Lead at Le Wagon. Uncover curriculum benefits that elevate your web development journey with our innovative approach.

Hi Simon, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your journey?

Certainly! I’m Simon, originally from France but now based in Berlin, Germany. A few years ago, I found my way to Le Wagon Paris, and more recently, I’ve embarked on a new chapter within the Germany team as a Career’s Lead.


Could you provide insights into Le Wagon’s Career Services and its role in shaping students’ career paths?

At Le Wagon, our commitment extends beyond coding. We’re invested in sculpting successful career paths for our alumni. Our Careers Services are meticulously designed to offer tailored support for their future endeavors. From personalized coaching to forming partnerships with hiring companies and industry experts, we provide a comprehensive framework to nurture their growth.


How does Le Wagon ensure it remains aligned with the rapidly changing tech industry landscape?

In the dynamic tech world, staying current is vital. At Le Wagon, we’ve devised a strategic approach that keeps us aligned with industry trends:

  • Engagement with Alumni: We believe in constant evolution. Through surveys and direct interaction, we engage with alumni around six months post-bootcamp. This helps us adjust our curriculum to match industry demands based on their employment status and tech trends.
  • Hiring Partner Collaborations: Harnessing our extensive network of Hiring Partners, we gain invaluable insights into emerging technologies and trends. Whether it’s Ruby, React, JavaScript, NodeJS, or any other cutting-edge technology, we use this knowledge to provide tailored guidance to our students on their post-bootcamp learning path.
  • Curriculum Evolution: To ensure our students are equipped with the latest knowledge, our in-house experts work to refine our curriculum. For example, we’ve expanded our offerings to include additional comprehensive JavaScript content, a vital skill for navigating today’s market.


How does proficiency in multiple coding languages benefit Le Wagon graduates during job interviews?

In today’s rapidly changing tech landscape, adaptability is highly valued. This is where Le Wagon steps in, enhancing your tech prowess with a unique edge: proficiency in various coding languages. Why is this advantageous? Well, consider this—90% of job offers now seek candidates comfortable with at least two programming languages.

Here’s the impressive part: Le Wagon alumni excel at versatility. A notable 83% of our developer alumni are skilled in both JavaScript and Ruby. This isn’t just being bilingual; it’s like fluently speaking two tech dialects. This mastery speeds up learning new languages, similar to how mastering one instrument aids in learning others.

Mastering multiple coding languages means more than just showcasing your skills. It’s a signal that you’re prepared for diverse challenges. At Le Wagon, we’re all about empowering you to conquer obstacles and embrace innovation. This transforms you into a tech-savvy professional who’s always in demand.


How does Le Wagon cultivate adaptability amidst the ever-changing tech landscape?

Adaptability forms the foundation of tech resilience. Le Wagon’s approach is meticulous, aimed at equipping students with essential tools. The tech landscape resembles a complex coding puzzle, and we’re crafting adept problem solvers, be it as FullStack Developers or future entrepreneurs. This foundation not only empowers them to learn new languages and skills but also readies them for the unpredictable nature of the dynamic tech world. Notably, we emphasize hands-on learning. In our immersive 400-hour course, students spend a substantial amount of time actively coding and working on real-world projects. This approach ensures that our graduates are not just theoretically knowledgeable but also possess the practical skills demanded by the industry.


What sets Le Wagon apart in terms of teaching methodologies and career outcomes?

Our philosophy is rooted in creating not just coders, but problem-solving professionals. Le Wagon’s immersive bootcamps go beyond theory. Through Career Services, we foster practical awareness, preparing graduates for real-world scenarios. This practical approach is a cornerstone, enabling them to efficiently tackle challenges that come their way. Beyond traditional teaching, Le Wagon stands out with a range of workshops and tactics that cater to the multifaceted nature of career development. These include salary negotiation workshops, live coding sessions, impostor syndrome coaching, and guidance on using AI in job searches.


What advice would you give to aspiring tech professionals considering a Web Development bootcamp?

For those with aspirations in tech, embracing the journey is pivotal, even when challenges arise. Whether it’s coding complexities, navigating the job market labyrinth, or stepping into an uncharted role, setbacks are invaluable opportunities for growth. Embracing these challenges, rather than shying away, is a fundamental principle for shaping your trajectory and evolving into a seasoned professional. In the words of Patrick McKenzie, “Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.”



Together, we’ve explored Le Wagon’s innovative approach and ever-evolving curriculum, designed to equip you with confidence in navigating the modern tech landscape. With guidance from Simon’s insights, our mission is evident: to nurture your adaptability and continuous learning, essential in the world of tech. As you embrace challenges, remember, “Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.” Le Wagon stands as the pioneering choice, blending innovation with real-world outcomes to drive you toward tech success.


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