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Why learning Data Analytics Part-Time Is The Career Move for 2024

Pursuing part-time studies in data analytics is becoming a more popular option to balance work, personal commitments while getting essential skills to level up professionally. Let's take a look.

In the midst of the uncertainties that surrounded 2023, from rising costs of living to tech layoffs and economic instability, the prospect of quitting your job to learn a new skill may have seemed a risky idea. Personal commitments further complicate the decision-making process, and when thinking about careers a popular approach maybe to just stay put in your current role. However this still leaves many with a feeling of hitting a glass ceiling for career growth.

Increased Demand for Data Analytics Skills

Le Wagon has seen an increased demand from hiring partners for more candidates with Data skills and in late 2022 launched a dedicated Data Analytics bootcamp. To further cater the demand for flexibility for those requiring to build skills while still in a job role, have introduced a new part-time format for 2024.

The buzz around data skills at work is all over the career news, making it clear that we’ve got to adapt to changes. Along with generative AI, data skills were listed in a recent Forbes article titled “The 8 Biggest Future Of Work Trends In 2024 Everyone Needs To Be Ready For Now”. In a job market where the headlines are all over the place, one thing that keeps coming up is the need for data skills. So, getting ahead means grabbing the tools that set you up for pro-level resilience and growth.


Why learn Data Analytics Anyway?

Every corner of the business world is collecting data – sales, marketing, finance, operations, procurement, HR and so on. If you can handle, extract, transform, and visualise that data, this means more informed business decisions and business cases can be made. You may be an expert in your current field, however having a wealth of data skills at your disposal will mean you’re able to prove your strategies and better forecast the results they can bring.

Given the importance of data means there’s more demand from companies for these skills, which means more earning potential for you. This is not just in big companies for dedicated analyst roles, as smaller startups will also expect employees have wider range of skills for each function – which includes data. Additionally, if you enjoy your current role or field but are stuck, data skills will give you an extra edge over other candidates and again offer potential career growth.

What Do I Learn In A Part Time Data Analytics Bootcamp?

The Data Analytics Bootcamp at Le Wagon encompasses a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip participants with essential skills for navigating the dynamic field of data analytics. Participants engage in hands-on experiences, delving into the intricacies of business data analysis, creating automated dashboards, and mastering tools such as Google Sheets. The programme extends to the technical realm, covering the centralisation and transformation of data within a warehouse using ELT tools, APIs, and No-code/Low-code tools.

Participants gain proficiency in data extraction from diverse sources, creating tagging plans for web application data tracking, and developing clear and interactive charts and visualisations. Advanced analytics modules explore data manipulation, representation techniques, while collaborative skills are honed through group projects with real data sets. The bootcamp also includes practical exposure to industry experts, CV preparation, and mock interviews to ensure participants are job-search-ready.

Our next Data Analytics bootcamps start this January, with our new Part Time program running from February 2nd to Jul 20th, for further information and to apply to join visit the link here for more information.

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