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Why you should explore a tech career in Singapore and how you can get started

While tech layoffs may have dominated most of the news in 2023, tech is still very much in high demand. Ashley Yeo, City Manager of our Singapore campus explains why a career in tech, how Le Wagon provides a path to a tech career and how you can join us.

Why a career in tech

While tech layoffs may have dominated most of the news in 2023, tech is still very much in high demand. However, what has changed is the type of demand for tech. Everyone knows about ChatGPT and AI. It’s taken the world by storm. But AI is still young and being the new hot topic, everyone wants a piece of that pie. While the big companies fight for AI dominance, the smaller companies are also moving fast to integrate AI into their products and come up with new ways to consume AI.

That leads to multiple opportunities for young developers both in creating products to work with AI, or in leveraging data to work with AI models.

Apart from the traditional job hunt, a career in tech is very rewarding if you are thinking of starting up your own product. All you need is your computer, an idea and relevant tech skills. The initial overheads are really low and many big products have started out as side projects or initial prototypes. You just have to start somewhere.

The other amazing thing about a career in tech is that it allows you the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

A tech career in Singapore

Singapore is the perfect place to be if you are thinking of jumping into the startup scene. Our startup ecosystem recently progressed to becoming the 8th highest ranking ecosystem in the world. Also dubbed ‘The Silicon Valley of Asia’, it’s no wonder many VCs are also looking to invest in many early stage startups.

The Singapore government is also very supportive of the startup scene. There are multiple fundings available to support early stage startups, with a number of grants related directly to tech.

What career paths does a Le Wagon bootcamp provide

At Le Wagon we offer bootcamps in Web Development, Data Science & AI and Data Analytics.

With the skills our students pick up in the Web Development bootcamp, we’ve seen them progress to become Software Engineers, Full Stack Developers, and any other role related to the web you can think of.

On the Data side, the knowledge our bootcamps provide has allowed our students to move into any three of the main data roles, i.e. data engineers, data analysts, and of course, data scientists.

Some of our students have gone on to become product managers as well. This is a natural career path as they have been through the process of learning how to build and manage products during their time in the bootcamp. And of course we have our group of entrepreneurs who have moved on to build their own product, or bring the product they built during the bootcamp to market.

What you’ll gain from a Le Wagon bootcamp

A lot more than learning how to code!

During the bootcamp, you’ll be introduced to a wide array of soft skills that you can take with you to any future job.

The ability to work in a team, knowing how to identify and break down problems, how to prioritise tasks and progress a project forward – these are all inculcated into the students through SCRUM based practices that become second nature to them.

A teacher at a Web Development class teaching 2 students on their laptops

After the bootcamp, the experience doesn’t end there. Our students become part of the Le Wagon alumni community, a 20,000 strong community globally you can lean on for support throughout your career. You’ll benefit from sharing of new emerging topics, career opportunities, tips and tricks, and alumni who are always willing to be a coding partner for you.

How does Le Wagon help students land jobs

Most of our students would have the skill sets required to land their first tech job after completing the bootcamp. But landing a job is not only about your skills. You’ve got to look the part on paper too. A tech interview process also carries its own uniqueness with it. We want to best prepare our students for the experience so one of our first post bootcamp activities is what we call our career week.

During career week, we help our students prepare all the necessary documents for applying for jobs. This includes their CV, Cover letters, Github, LinkedIn and developer profiles. We teach them how to optimize each one to best approach each job application.

An important part of career week is getting them started on preparing for interviews. We give them insights into the tech interview process, and guide them through each step so that they are well prepared.

Interested? Here’s how you can join Le Wagon

Our admissions process is relatively simple. It all starts with hitting the apply button on our website. From there, our admissions manager will reach out and schedule a call with you to better understand your motivations and interests. This helps to ensure that the bootcamp is in line with what you’re looking for and to get you into the course best suited for you.

Once you decide on a course, you will be given a technical assessment. This ascertains your logical thinking and basic computer literacy. After the assessment, if all is good and you are successful in your application, a formal contract will be drafted out and sent to you to sign and secure your spot in the bootcamp.

Financial support to fund your bootcamp

In Singapore, we partner with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to offer the Tech Immersion and Placement Program (TIPP) grant. This grant aims to help aspiring tech professionals fund their learning and transition into tech jobs. Through this grant, eligible students will be able to get 70% or 90% of the bootcamp funded.

Find out more about the TIPP or speak to us to discuss your eligibility. Book a call with our admissions advisor.

What type of students does Le Wagon look for?

The bootcamp is very intensive and it can get stressful at times. Although we have trained teachers on hand to guide every student, ultimately it is the students themselves who will have to persevere through. That is why we look for students who can demonstrate strong tenacity and resilience.

Those who are hungry for knowledge and are highly motivated. That’s the spirit of a student who will not only make it through the bootcamp, but leave with the most knowledge and be ready for the industry.

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