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The careers of our alumni

Our graduates have landed their dream job in tech, discover their stories.
Le Wagon Web Development Alumni Karlotta Kutscher

How Karlotta Went From No Coding Skills to Starting Her Own Business

Coming from a background in art history and management, and with no previous tech skills,…

Priscilla’s journey: From Crunching Numbers to Cracking Code

In the whirlwind world of tech, Priscilla charts her route . Her journey began with…

Jeroen’s Story: Turning a Le Wagon project into a Y-Combinator backed startup

Join Jeroen on his journey from a Google employee to tech entrepreneur as he shares…

Codum founder Tatjana and Isabelle Hoesch

Meet Tatjana: From Business Administration to Codum Co-Founder

Inspired by Le Wagon's online data science bootcamp, Tatjana co-founded Codum to revolutionize self-paced learning.…

recruter alternants wagon

Transformative stories from Le Wagon’s online bootcamps

In 2024's dynamic job market, acquiring in-demand skills and staying relevant is mandatory for career…

olga online alumni

Combining UX/UI design and Web Development: Olga’s journey with an online bootcamp

Meet Olga, UX/UI designer and artist based in France, originally from Ukraine, whose passion for…

Marina Borges alumni Le Wagon

Balancing motherhood and career growth with an online bootcamp

Marina, mother of three boys, was 31 when she made the decision to invest in…

Meet Marc Rosenfeld’s – Data Science and AI online alumni

We interview Marc Rosenfeld who recently finished our online data science & AI online bootcamp

From bootcamp to first job as a developer: Nawel’s journey

Embarking on a unique journey, Nawel transitioned from psychology and information science to leading a…

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