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Combining UX/UI design and Web Development: Olga’s journey with an online bootcamp

Meet Olga, UX/UI designer and artist based in France, originally from Ukraine, whose passion for continuous learning led her to embark on a transformative journey with Le Wagon's online bootcamp. We talked with Olga, who shared her insights, experiences, and the invaluable lessons learned throughout her time with Le Wagon.
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A Diverse Background

Olga’s story begins with a diverse background encompassing various fields, including teaching English and pursuing her passion for art. With a thirst for knowledge and a keen interest in technology, Olga’s career path eventually led her to explore the world of UX/UI design, where she discovered the intersection of creativity and technology. Motivated by a desire to broaden her skillset and take control of the design process from start to finish, Olga made the decision to delve deeper into the world of web development.

My curiosity and desire for continuous growth led me to delve deeper into the tech world since I wanted to be able to lead the process of creating websites and applications from start to finish


Choosing Le Wagon’s Online Bootcamp

The decision to enroll in an online bootcamp was driven by a desire for flexibility and accessibility. As an international student based in France, the online format provided the perfect platform for Olga to pursue her studies while connecting with classmates from around the world. The daily buddy system and group Zoom sessions facilitated seamless collaboration, fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment that transcended geographical boundaries.

Despite the physical distance, Olga found herself immersed in an engaging and supportive online learning experience. Through virtual classrooms and collaborative projects, she forged connections with fellow learners and experienced instructors, forming a tight-knit community that offered constant support and encouragement. The online format not only provided the flexibility to learn at her own pace but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and shared learning experiences.


Personally, my online learning experience was incredibly engaging and supportive. We were always connected and working together. The platform is superbly designed, and every day we were assigned a buddy with whom we worked on projects. It was one of the coolest things since we were meeting new people every day and sharing our experiences and concerns, thus supporting each other during this bootcamp. I truly loved our batch because all the people in it were really friendly and nice. So I never felt alone. In fact, the online format fostered a vibrant and inclusive learning environment.


Combining UX/UI and Web Development

Olga’s primary goal in studying web development was to acquire the technical skills necessary to bridge the gap between design and development. By mastering both front-end and back-end processes, she aimed to enhance her ability to bring her designs to life and collaborate effectively with developers. With a holistic understanding of the development process, Olga sought to elevate her role as a UX/UI designer and contribute more effectively to project outcomes.

Now that Olga has completed the bootcamp, her focus is on putting her newfound skills and knowledge into practice. She plans to build a robust portfolio showcasing her projects and experiences, with a particular interest in pursuing opportunities in UX Engineer roles. With a solid foundation in both design and development, Olga is poised to make a meaningful impact in the tech industry.

Final Advice for Prospective Students

As Olga reflects on her journey with Le Wagon, she encourages anyone considering joining the community to embrace the challenges, trust the process, and don’t be discouraged by setbacks along the way.


My advice for anyone considering joining the Le Wagon community is to embrace the challenges you’ll encounter. While it may feel hard  at times, remember that the journey is incredibly rewarding. Don’t be discouraged by imperfections or unfinished code—trust the process. Just like a rollercoaster, there will be highs and lows, but each obstacle you overcome brings you closer to mastery. Le Wagon isn’t just a bootcamp; it’s a transformative experience that empowers you to realize how much you can learn in such a short period of time! I am super grateful to Le Wagon for such an amazing experience and chance to be a part of this community!



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