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How Erika Transitioned from Accounting to Web Development

Erika dreamed of bringing creativity into her professional life. After eight years working as an accountant, she decided to join Le Wagon to become a Web Developer. Read about her journey of changing careers.

What were you doing before Le Wagon? 

I studied Accounting & Finance and worked for different accounting companies in Hungary for eight years. I was specialized in process improvement.

Last year, I moved to Montreal and started taking online classes to learn Web Development. That’s when I decided it was time for a new direction. 

Why did you decide to change careers? 

When I was an accountant, I found a lot of joy in developing problem-solving skills, and I think this has helped me to learn to code. But I realized that I wanted a more creative career. 

That’s what decided me to learn web development: the creative aspect of it. I think now I’m able to combine the fun problem-solving aspect of accounting and the joy of turning a concept into something that could be useful to others. 

What did you think of your experience at Le Wagon? 

I choose Le Wagon because I liked that the program is product-focused and emphasizes the practical side of coding.

And I was not disappointed! It was a positive experience.

I found there’s a good teacher/student ratio and this is crucial now that we’re working remotely. I think a lot of other bootcamps don’t take this into consideration. 

Also, I felt Le Wagon helped me improved a lot in problem-solving. I learned different methodologies and approaches to tackle challenges and break down a problem into smaller bits. 

“My favorite moment of the day was solving the coding challenges!”

What are you doing now? 

I’m working for an advertising agency as a Front-End Developer. We build digital ads so it’s really focused on front-end development and most of my work is coding in CSS and Javascript. 

You found a job in less than 3 months after the bootcamp, what was your strategy? 

It was scary to look for a job in the middle of a health crisis, but in the end, it went pretty well! 

My strategy was to finish my portfolio as soon as possible. That would be my main advice for people looking to start a career in Web Development: Don’t procrastinate on your portfolio. Finish it when you still have the momentum from the bootcamp. This is especially important if you’re applying for Front-End positions. You need to have something visual to show. 

“After the bootcamp you’re well-equipped to build your own portfolio and go find a job” 

Also, believe in yourself. After the bootcamp, you might think that you still need to do more courses to gain more skills before starting to look for a job. But you’ll pick things up as you work on projects. 

If you could go back in time, what would you say to yourself in the first week of the bootcamp? 

Just relax, hard work always pays off :) 

Congratulations on your new role and good luck with your career Erika! 

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