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Sue, from the world of Banking to Tech

Sue comes from the US but has lived in many places along the way. She turned to software development in 2019 and is now a Software Engineer ‍ in Zürich. She loves her career and enjoys sharing it with others

Hello Sue , can you describe your background and why you made the change into software development? 

My career started in the finance industry and I had been working in the banking for Goldman Sachs for over 13 years. I held various roles, worked in two countries (USA and Switzerland ) and several cities (Geneva and Zürich) before deciding that I needed a change in career and a new challenge.

I wanted to gain some software development skills as I have always been drawn to the Tech industry I also wanted to facilitate some entrepreneurial projects I was working on. 

You did our program dedicated to Women with TechFace*. How did it help your transition? 

I was interested in the program as it was primarily focused on women It gave the opportunity to learn with other women who were also going through a career transition like me. The program provided a safe and comfortable venue to learn while appreciating the experience that each of us brought from our previous careers. I met women coming from every horizon: science, marketing, psychology, oil&gas, writing, etc... After almost 2 years we still touch base regularly

*Program with TechFace = Le Wagon Bootcamp + a 6 months Internship (only for women)

What is your job today? 

After the bootcamp, I joined a Mibex Software SA, a Swiss software firm for a 6 months internship. I was and am still a Software Engineer primarily focused on the front-end. We build development tools to help teams ship better software faster. I have been working in this position for almost 2 years now, time flies  

I enjoy my role for the range of responsibilities I have such as helping to develop new products and support existing products as well. It is a small team ‍ ‍ ‍ and an awesome place to work as they really appreciate continuous learning & improvement ‍  

What was your experience when you first started your job?

While the bootcamp did provide me with a great foundation to start, it was still a steep learning curve. Especially because the programming languages & frameworks that I work with are not exactly the same ones that I learned in the bootcamp. You need to adapt However, I felt I could still provide value from day one on the job using the skills from my previous career.  

I have learned so much since that first day and continue to learn on the job. I think continuous learning is a given in this industry!

Do you have any advice for future learners? 

Yes, plenty of advice

Dedicate as much time to learning as you can and especially with your own projects. For example if you want to learn React build a small simple app that you find useful & interesting as a way to learn hands on. You will learn and understand on a different level then if you just take notes and you will build a cool new app in the process. It is also a good way to start building your portfolio  

Also, be patient with yourself. It may be frustrating at first while you are learning as things may not always work the first time around or you may encounter some bugs or you just can’t figure something out Sometimes, just stepping away and taking a short break really helps. You may find that when you come back to the issue, you come with a different perspective that will help you figure it out. 

Finally, take advantage of the tech community and get involved. Go to workshops, hackathons, meet-ups, etc. It is a great way to meet new people and learn new things

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