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From bootcamp to first job as a developer: Nawel’s journey

Embarking on a unique journey, Nawel transitioned from psychology and information science to leading a team of developers. Her role in managing software projects for libraries sparked a desire to find a balance between management and hands-on practice, ultimately driving her to dive into programming by joining Le Wagon's Web Development bootcamp in October 2020.

Le Wagon as a springboard for a new career journey

Choosing Le Wagon for its intensive 2-month full-time format, Nawel found the program’s practical focus aligned with her goals. “I found that the program was well-focused, that it would provide me with all the skills I needed, and that I could put them into practice right away. I wanted to avoid being too general and learning numerous little basics that I might have forgotten or not even practiced.” she explains.

She also distinguishes Le Wagon from university courses, stating, “Le Wagon is different from university because the courses are more practical and more focused. I wanted to learn more concrete web development skills, rather than the history of technology, for example. In fact, I don’t think that makes me any less of a developer, and I don’t feel any difference working with people who have studied longer in this field.”

Emphasizing the hands-on approach of the bootcamp, Nawel reflects on her final project as a significant experience. “The opportunity to choose your project and design a working application was a rewarding and formative experience,” she shares.


Finding a job in tech

The Career Week at the bootcamp proved pivotal for Nawel. Networking events facilitated by the Le Wagon team led her to her current role at Avonni. Now part of a 5-person team, Nawel’s role spans feature specifications, coding, bug resolution, automated testing, and documentation – showcasing her versatility in a small team setting.

Beyond technical expertise, Nawel emphasizes soft skills such as autonomy, initiative, resourcefulness, and communication as vital for success. These attributes, honed even before the bootcamp, played a decisive role in showcasing her ability to learn and adapt quickly.


Valuable advice for people wishing to join the tech world

For those aspiring to become developers, Nawel suggests kicking off with free online courses to delve into web development. “This allows you to test your appetite for the field before committing to more in-depth training,” she advises.

She also advises against viewing this career change as a complete reset, stating, “What you’ve done before is always useful,” and underscores the importance of leveraging previous experience.


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