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From Sports Marketer to Software Developer: Tanto’s Story

Discover how Tanto transformed from a Sports Marketer to a Software Engineer with Le Wagon. His inspiring journey showcases the power of tech education.

“Le Wagon’s methodology was a game-changer”

Discover Tanto’s incredible journey from a Sports Marketer to a Software Engineer, all thanks to his experience at Le Wagon’s Web Development bootcamp in Amsterdam. In this enlightening Q&A, Tanto shares his transition into the coding world, the impact of Le Wagon, and the skills he gained. Discover how Tanto’s story can guide your own tech adventure!


Background and Transition:

Can you tell us about yourself and your background before joining Le Wagon?

Hi there! I’m Tanto, a proud graduate of Le Wagon’s Web Development bootcamp in Amsterdam. My journey has been intricate and multifaceted, taking me from being a sports enthusiast to a Software Engineer. I moved from Bali to Amsterdam after high school to study International Sports, Management, and Business. Despite struggling with my studies, I developed a knack for cognitive psychology, research, and visual design. I later dabbled in digital marketing through internships, learning the ropes of content management, SEO, and website analytics.


What motivated you to make the leap from marketing to Software Engineering?

The pivotal moment happened while I was waiting on programmers to bring my marketing ideas to life. I became curious about the “magic” behind coding and wanted to understand how they turned ideas into art. During the pandemic, I read a book called “What Color Is Your Parachute?” which urged me to align my skills and interests. Being a fan of video games and tech gadgets, I knew a career behind the computer was the right path. The challenge was figuring out what to do and how quickly I could be ready.


Switching to tech from a non-technical background is a significant leap. How did Le Wagon aid this transition and which skills from your past roles benefit you as a Software Engineer?

Le Wagon’s intensive bootcamp was my launchpad into the tech world. While self-learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript was slow, Le Wagon’s collaborative environment supercharged my progress. The bootcamp covered programming languages, data structures, and algorithms, building a solid foundation. Group projects taught me teamwork and practical application. Crucially, Demo Day honed my ability to communicate complex concepts to non-technical audiences. As a Software Engineer at Voormedia, my past skills in communication, problem-solving, and teamwork blended seamlessly with my tech knowledge.


Could you walk us through your journey of securing a role as a Software Engineer after Le Wagon? How did Le Wagon’s network and support factor into this process?

Le Wagon’s career services equipped me with a polished CV and interview skills. Meeting hiring partners in person gave me a strong advantage over online introductions. Voormedia, one of Le Wagon’s hiring partners, stood out during a campus visit. Although I had to go through interviews, the career week had prepared me well. Interestingly, other companies also extended job offers, underscoring the effectiveness of Le Wagon’s network and preparation.


Learning Methodology

Le Wagon is known for its unique learning methodology. How did it assist you in grasping complex programming concepts efficiently?

Le Wagon’s methodology was a game-changer. Coding seemed daunting, but the bootcamp broke down topics into manageable pieces. With dedicated teachers and assistants, the learning curve felt surmountable. The collaborative atmosphere meant no one was left struggling alone. The methodology was like a friendly guide through the coding maze.


Can you share an example of a complex programming concept that Le Wagon helped you understand? How did this knowledge aid you in your post-bootcamp endeavors?

The MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture was a breakthrough concept for me. It elucidated the intricate interactions within applications. Coupled with relational databases, I gained a holistic view of applications. This perspective proved invaluable in my role, allowing me to comprehend projects from a higher vantage point.


Curriculum Highlights

Le Wagon’s curriculum is immersive and intensive. Were there specific modules that left a lasting impact on you?

The project weeks left a lasting impression. Collaborating with teams to develop, deliver, and present a product was a real-world education. It emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to development. The high point was the demo day, where we showcased our skills to a non-technical audience—an experience that perfectly mirrored real-world challenges.


Did you encounter challenges during the program? How did Le Wagon’s community and instructors support you in overcoming these obstacles?

The program was intense and occasionally overwhelming. Balancing complicated topics with simpler ones was a smart approach. My self-doubt was quelled by the relentless support of classmates and teachers. Their encouragement was instrumental in surmounting challenges.


Community and Support

How did the sense of community at Le Wagon contribute to your learning journey and your career beyond the bootcamp?

Le Wagon’s community is truly exceptional. Teachers and classmates formed a tight-knit support system, propelling us forward. The diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and ages added a unique flavor to the learning experience. Even after graduation, I remain connected with my Le Wagon peers from around the world.


Can you share an instance when collaborating with classmates enhanced your understanding of coding?

Daily collaboration with different classmates was enlightening. Working with individuals from various fields, like architecture or music production, broadened my problem-solving skills. Embracing different perspectives fostered innovative approaches. Open-mindedness to their viewpoints expanded my horizons.


Advice for Future Students

What advice do you have for individuals considering Le Wagon to transition their careers?

Stay humble and embrace the journey with an open heart. Don’t let ego or insecurity hinder your progress. Coding is a vast world; seeking help accelerates your growth. Remember, you’re not alone—Le Wagon’s community and resources are there to guide you. Embrace the power of collaboration and growth will follow.



Tanto’s incredible journey showcases that anyone, regardless of their background, can embark on a transformative tech journey with Le Wagon. Through collaboration, support, and a dynamic learning approach, Tanto’s story becomes a beacon of hope for aspiring developers. Are you ready to embark on your own coding adventure? Learn more at lewagon.com

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