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How 3 Data Graduates found a job after the bootcamp

Can I get a job after the bootcamp? These Online & Campus Data Science graduates did.


Course: Full-Time Data Science

Campus: London

Current Role: Data Engineer

“I actually wanted to apply for a job in London after having done the bootcamp there. Because of Brexit, it turned out not to be that easy, so I decided to take a step back and accept a data engineer position in Belgium to gain experience first and to work for Le Wagon in Data Science on the side (initially as Teaching Assistant and later as Teacher). Very recently, I’ve become a freelance Data all-rounder with projects ranging from Data Analytics to Data Engineering.

The bootcamp was extremely important because on the one hand it gives credibility to future employers that you’re serious about data and on the other hand it provides you with a good basis on which you can build to further develop the skills that you want.”


Course: Data Science

Campus: Online (Flex)

Current Role: Data and Analytics Specialist

“I was promoted into this product role after working as a data-focused research analyst in Bloomberg’s wind research team. I had spent about 6 months working closely with previous Data & Analytics product analysts and aspired to join their team. When a position opened up, I raised my hand to take on one of the jobs and was moved into the role a month later.

This particular role was interesting to me because it was a Python-focused position within my research department. I was already familiar with the data/content/products that I would be working on, and could focus on technology and building robust data products.

The Bootcamp helped me refine my Python and cloud computing skills, which I use regularly on the day to day. It also gave me a good understanding of data science and statistics, which has opened doors to contribute to different types of projects in my company.”



Course: Full-Time Data Science

Campus: London

Current Role: Data Scientist

“I applied to this role on LinkedIn. Working in tech was one of my goals because data is the company’s product, which is perfect for someone who wants to develop machine learning models. Without the bootcamp I wouldn’t be able to learn everything I learned on my own–let alone go through the technical interview process for Data Scientist roles. The bootcamp was exactly what I needed to switch careers.”

Do you have any advice for those wanting to learn to code or learn new tech skills?

“Learn with other people who want the same things as you do. You will accelerate your learning process, meet like-minded people and have an experience you would not have if you were learning independently. That is why I joined Le Wagon.”

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