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Kany’s career boost: data skills for marketing

Kany is a marketing expert who has always been interested in tech. She decided to join our Data science and AI online bootcamp to boost her profile. In marketing, data is key to make decissions. Kany decided she wanted to be able to draw her own conclusions from raw data and now she has a stronger profile as a digital marketeer with data science skills.

Hey Kany, can you please introduce yourself?

Hello! Of course. My name is Kany, I’m 27 years old. For the last years I have worked as a growth marketeer and now as freelance Data Scientist. I create marketing strategies and digital acquisition plans to assist companies in their growth and business plans.

What was your background before you learned Data Science?

I studied in a digital-focused business school and since then my profile has always been very focused on marketing. I have worked in corporations of all sizes, a mix between big coorporates and smaller startups, mostly, as a growth marketeer.

Why did you decide to join Le Wagon?

Due to the nature of my work, I have always been in contact with data. For that, we use a wide variety of tools, which, over the course of my professional experience, became less useful for me. I felt like some tools were not reliable, and sometimes biased depending on the decisions made by the software creators. I found fascinating the data world and I wanted to know more. That’s why I joined Le Wagon’s Data Science and AI bootcamp, to be able to understand how to use raw data and manipulate it to get results that meet my expectations. And I was not disappointed!

What was the best part of studying in an online format?

I feel like the online format can be a great option for people in very different situations. Personally, I prefer working remotely, as it also helps me to focus better, so an online bootcamp made a lot of sense to my lifestyle. In my class, there were people with different stories, for example we had several parents who managed to study online while taking care of their children. For me, it was also important not being limited by geographical location.

How are you combining your marketing background with your new skills today?

I am planning on staying in the marketing field as I am genuinely passionate about it. But my profile is now stronger, I am now able to create my own apps and marketing modules if needed, based on the data available. What I like about my new skillset as a freelancer is that I can offer a much comprehensive package of services to my future clients.

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