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Transformative stories from Le Wagon’s online bootcamps

In 2024's dynamic job market, acquiring in-demand skills and staying relevant is mandatory for career growth and to futureproof your career. But at Le Wagon we know that not everyone has the time to commit to commute to campus or to a full-time course. We all have responsibilities and very busy schedules and that is why we adapt our courses to offer more accessible and effective education.
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Our online bootcamps are designed to empower individuals with the technical expertise and practical knowledge needed to thrive in the tech industry. Every year we help more students from very diverse backgrounds on their learning journeys. Here is the story of some of them.


Bridging backgrounds: different paths, same goals

Meet Neus, a seasoned professional from Spain with a background in hospitality and human resources. Despite her extensive experience, Neus felt the urge to explore new horizons and transition into the tech field.

With Le Wagon’s online bootcamp, she found a flexible and supportive environment to embark on this journey, embracing the challenges and opportunities that came her way.

The bootcamp itself is incredibly intense, packing a lot of material into a relatively short timeframe. But for me what made it so special and beneficial was the incredible sense of community. Despite the rigorous pace, you’ll never feel alone on your learning journey. 

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On the other hand, there’s Marc, an IT consultant who sought to rejuvenate his career with specialized technical skills. Juggling international projects and frequent relocations, Marc found Le Wagon’s online format to be the perfect fit, providing him with the flexibility to pursue his learning goals while adapting to his dynamic lifestyle.

As an experienced professional , I was looking to get introduced to ML and AI -topics that I am highly interested in and are in high demand by the industry – but I needed a course to get me i) up-to-date with the latest trends in this industry with ii) the right amount of theory and iii) hands-on coding experience. As such, the “Data Science and AI” program was just the right answer for my learning needs.

At the time I enrolled at Le Wagon, I was moving countries, making it difficult to follow classes in one physical location. As such, the online bootcamp was the natural option to do the training “on the move”.

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Empowering career shifts: from dream to reality

For Margarita, a content editor turned e-commerce manager, the decision to transition into web development was driven by a desire for structured learning and a solid foundation. With an online bootcamp, Margarita found the support and guidance she needed to embark on this new career path, ultimately achieving her goal of becoming a web developer.

I tried online self-paced courses more than once, and mainly struggled with the lack of structure and solid foundation to progress along the course. So, I kept falling behind and struggling to follow along or even ask questions. It takes a certain amount of self-discipline and time to learn by yourself, and it definitely is doable; it’s just not for everyone. I wanted support and structure, and that’s why I ended up signing up for a Web Development bootcamp.

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Marina Borges alumni Le WagonSimilarly, Marina, had studies in Mechatronic Engineering but when she started having children (she is a mother of 3) she stopped studying. Le Wagon online offered her the opportunity to enhance her skill set while being a mother. Marina gained the confidence and expertise to pursue her aspirations in the tech industry.

One day I decided to dedicate part of my life as a mum and housewife to myself and conquer something for me and started to think about everything that I like to do and then I concluded that I really love this world of programming and with three kids and there routine wasn’t really easy to find something that I could be committed without affect the routine of my family.

Read Marina’s full story

Collaboration and community: A supportive learning environment

One of the aspects everyone repeats when we ask about their online learning experience is the sense of community and collaboration that permeates every aspect of the learning journey. Whether it’s through virtual classrooms, group projects, or interactive sessions, students like Olga experienced firsthand the power of collective learning and peer support.

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From daily buddy systems to dedicated teaching assistants, Le Wagon’s online format ensures that no student embarks on their learning journey alone. Through shared challenges and triumphs, students forge meaningful connections and friendships that extend beyond the confines of the virtual classroom.

More than a bootcamp: Resources and opportunities for growth

KanyBeyond the bootcamp experience, Le Wagon equips students with the tools and resources needed to navigate their career paths successfully. Through career weeks, one-on-one support, and alumni networks, alumni like Oba and Kany are empowered to pursue their goals and stay updated in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

I feel like my profile is now stronger, I am now able to create my own apps and marketing modules if needed, based on the data available.

Read Kany’s full story 
Read Oba’s full story

Le Wagon’s online bootcamps: online learning, re-imagined

Le Wagon fulfils the exact same mission everywhere whether you study online or in-person. If you don’t have time to commute to work, you are working full-time or you live in a city where we don’t have a campus, here are some of the benefits of our online bootcamps:

  • Learn from anywhere in the world, in your preferred time zone and language.
  • Access live online support from our teachers throughout the day and partake in interactive peer-to-peer learning with your online classmates.
  • Learn how to collaborate remotely on projects using a variety of online tools, just like in a real software engineering or data science team.
  • Become a part of an international online community of over 25,000 global alumni.

You can study web development, data analytics or data science and AI in two formats: full time and part time.


Start your career with maximum flexibility. Learn more about Le Wagon Online here.

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