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De Madrid al cielo: Top 3 reasons to learn to code in Madrid

Why choose Madrid as a destination for your bootcamp experience!
Madrid is a very underrated city. Most people coming here for a visit will tell you so. With only about 60 days of rain per year, Madrid has pretty spectacular weather. Yes, it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer, but the sun always shines and you will see madrileños enjoying a drink on a terrace pretty much all year round. It makes for a high quality of life and a very relaxed atmosphere, surprising for a capital city. 

There are many reasons why choosing it as a destination for your bootcamp is a great idea. Here are our top 3. And who knows? You might end up staying afterwards ;) 

Live an authentic Spanish experience

As some will love the cosmopolitan vibes of Barcelona [link to Barcelona article?] (and we do too!), Madrid offers a more authentic Spanish experience. Practice your Spanish while ordering a caña, a café con leche or a pincho de tortilla, and let the madrileños teach you a word or two. You will be surprised by the welcoming atmosphere reserved to visitors in the capital city of Spain. 

Be part of an active expat community

While being profoundly Spanish, Madrid still has a very active community of expats! According to Statista, as of January 2021, the Community of Madrid was home to almost one million foreign residents. Listen to the many languages being spoken in the streets and enjoy the numerous language exchange events and expat gatherings happening almost every day of the week. 

Join the vibrant tech scene

Madrid is the birthplace of many successful tech startups & scaleups, like Cabify, Bnext, Fintonic, Lingokids and Jobandtalent, to name a few. It also has a vibrant entrepreneurial community with strong players, such as La Nave, an urban innovation center promoted by the Madrid City Council, which hosts about 1,500 startups, 120 VC funds and 50 accelerators and incubators, according to the startup guide. It is also the home of the South Summit, one of the biggest entrepreneurial events on the tech scene agenda. Plenty of opportunities to join/create a startup or to find a job in one of the biggest tech companies in the world, such as Meta, IBM, Google & Amazon, since those companies will be opening thousands of tech jobs in the near future

Convinced yet? Don’t hesitate to contact the wonderful Madrid team if you have any questions or doubts! Just book a call here

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