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Le Wagon Tokyo launches its first Data Science bootcamp!

The world-leading coding bootcamp Le Wagon announces the official launch of its intensive training in Python for Data Science and advanced Machine Learning in Tokyo.

Data is the new gold.

Launched in 2013 in Paris, Le Wagon is the most acclaimed coding bootcamp in the world, and is established in 43 cities (25 countries) worldwide. The Tokyo chapter was launched in 2016, and already trained over 250 students through its full-time and part-time web development course.
Leveraging on  the success of its teaching philosophy and practical approach, and to answer a growing need for tech education in Japan, Le Wagon Tokyo launches its new Data Science bootcamp. Le Wagon, a worldwide leader in short and intensive coding bootcamps, waited seven years to expand its portfolio with a data offering:

«At the beginning of Le Wagon in 2013, data wasn’t mature enough. Today this job sector is much more organized, and skillset required has become very standardized», explains Sebastien Saunier, ex-Google engineer, CTO, and one of Le Wagon 3 co-founders.

With a current alumni network of 10,000 members, Le Wagon sets a goal of 7,000 new graduates trained on Data Science by 2023.

The first Data Science bootcamp in Japan will happen from October 12th to December 11th 2020. The course is taught in English. @Le Wagon Tokyo
A skill set in high demand

After 9 full-time intensive weeks, students will graduate from the bootcamp with a high-level skill set. They will have learnt how to collect, store, clean, explore and  transform data, as well as master data prediction, advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.
Coming out of the program, graduates will be able to join a data team as a junior data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer.
Think like a Data Scientist

This new bootcamp has been designed following the same approach that has made Le Wagon successful: a 9-week intensive program with 90% of practical exercises based on actual Data Science projects. It teaches all the needed skills to launch a Data Science project and ensure students’ employability after the program.
The bootcamp is split in five modules mixing theoretical knowledge, mastery of industry-standard tools, and hands-on exercises ranging from Data Science Foundations, to Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Deep Learning, and a staple of Le Wagon, Projects.
Knowledge in mathematics and programming is required to apply for this Data Science course. Applicants will have to go through a round of interview and a 40-hour preparatory work.
The curriculum will be delivered by a team of data analytics and data science professionals.

Applications for the first session in Tokyo are already open, and the first 9-week session will kick-off on October 12th 2020

Curriculum outline

  • Data Science Tools: Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, data visualization
  • Mathematics for Data Science: statistics, probability, linear algebra
  • Machine Learning: linear regression, scikit-learn, overfitting
  • Machine Learning in production: Google Cloud Platform
  • Best practices: GitHub, data project management
  • Deep Learning: Keras, neural networks, computer vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Advanced Data Science projects
Learn more about Data Science bootcamp in Tokyo at: https://www.lewagon.com/tokyo/data-science-course/full-time
About Le Wagon

Le Wagon is a world-leading coding bootcamp now celebrating over 10,000 alumni on 5 continents and 43 cities. Founded in Paris, France in 2013, Le Wagon has quickly become the most acclaimed coding bootcamp around the world. Le Wagon has gathered over 1500+ positive alumni reviews and thus successfully positioned itself as one of the most liable and respected coding bootcamps today.  By hosting a range of courses and events to individuals and organizations wanting to further their digital education,  Le Wagon helps tens of thousands of people change their life, learn to code.

In Japan, Le Wagon launched its first full-time, 9-week web development curriculum in Tokyo in 2016, and followed up with a part-time, 24-week program in 2019. It has trained over 250 students over the past 3 years, with graduates landing jobs as web developers, product managers or designers at top Japanese tech companies. Le Wagon Tokyo is also one of the biggest international tech event organizers with over 150 events since 2016, and a large community of 4,000 people.
Key data for Le Wagon worldwide, since 2013:

  • Most acclaimed coding bootcamp in the world on ranking platforms (Coursereport and Switchup)
  • Le Wagon is actively operating in 43 cities
  • 300+ mentors and 500+ partners
  • 10000+ talents trained
  • About 30% women in the alumni network
  • 150+ startups launched by alumni
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