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What are the financing and discount options for Le Wagon Tokyo bootcamps?

Interested in joining our Web Development or Data Science bootcamps? Check out 5 financing options we offer in Tokyo.

Specialized Practice Education and Training Benefits Program (専門実践教育訓練給付金)

How it works: You may know it as the HelloWork subsidy – this program offered by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, and managed by HelloWork allows long-term residents of Japan to get reimbursed for up to 70% of our bootcamps tuition fees.

Eligibility: you need to have been covered by employment insurance (雇用保険) in Japan for at least 2 years (3 years if you’ve already received Education and Training benefits before) cumulatively. Additionally, you need to have some employment insurance record within the year prior to the start of the program.

Please refer to this article for details about the requirements and application process.

Tech4Good Changemaker Scholarship

How it works: this Scholarship is sponsored by Socious, a community app for social change, and covers 30% of the tuition fee of our bootcamps. The Scholarship is designed for people who want to become social entrepreneurs or boost their career in the tech4good field. A maximum of one student will be awarded this scholarship for each Le Wagon bootcamp.

Eligibility: the scholarship is for people who are passionate about:

  • Solving social issues and achieving the SDGs.
  • Learning coding and data science skills for social good

Check out this page for the requirements and application form.

Installment Payment

How it works: after you pay the deposit to secure your spot (250,000¥), you start paying the rest of your tuition fee in up to 3 monthly installments for our full-time bootcamps, and 6 monthly installments for our part-time bootcamps. The full tuition has to be settled before the end of the bootcamp, and there are no interest fees or commission.

we will evaluate your eligibility to use this payment option after your first interview with us.

Employee training subsidy (人材開発支援助成金)

How it works: as a company employee, your tuition fee can be covered through an employee training subsidy program offered by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan. Your company needs to apply on your behalf through the official channel here.

Eligibility: your eligibility will be determined by your employer.

Check about the subsidy here (in Japanese).

Early Bird and Programming for Everybody discounts

How it works: we offer an Early Bird and a Programming for Everybody discount of ¥50,000 (US $450) for our Web Development full-time and part-time programs. The early bird discount will be applied if you are fully enrolled (Student Agreement signed and deposit paid) 1.5 month prior to the beginning of a given session. You can benefit from the Programming for Everybody discount if you successfully complete our Programming for Everybody webinar series. Note that these discounts cannot be added together, or combined with the HelloWork subsidy.

You have to complete the prerequisite and interview process, and pay the initial deposit.

Important: we do not offer ISA (Income Share Agreement) at our Tokyo campus.

Not sure what financing option is the best for you? Schedule a short call with our bootcamp manager to talk about it here

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