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NFT Evening and Le Wagon join forces to promote and discover Web 3 through various events.

Le Wagon's world-class curriculum is all about learning new tech skills while joining one of the largest tech communities in the world. As the global leader in immersive bootcamps, we are partnering with NFT Evening to help people understand more about NFT, Blockchains,…From 12th May to 1st June, the Wagon invites you to dive into the world of Web3 !

What does Le Wagon bring?

Founded in 2014, Le Wagon is one of the first tech bootcamps in France. It offers web development and data science programs and boasts an international community of over 14,000 tech talents.
We are lucky at Le Wagon to have the setup, learning tools and experienced teachers necessary to quickly adapt when needed, and have continued to deliver our world-class data & dev bootcamps across the world despite the challenging health situation.

Through immersive coding and data bootcamps, Le Wagon teaches talents the tech skills and product mindset they need to thrive. Our cutting-edge programs and world-class teachers give them all the skills and tools needed to kick-start their tech career, upskill in their current job, or launch their own startup.

With this series of events, we want to empower people through the understanding of web3 and give them the keys to be part of it.

What does NFT Evening bring?

NFT Evening was founded in April 2021. They were profitable after only 4 months and became the biggest NFT-news website after 6-7 months.

NFT Evening covers NFT news for the whole tech ecosystem, whether it’s digital art, gaming, collectibles, music, and more.Their goal is to create fun and accessible content whilst building one single place to accompany any investor, artist or NFT-enthusiast on their NFT journey. They want to demystify a topic as complex as NFTs and support mainstream adoption by creating accessible & entertaining content.

NFT Evening recently partnered with Ledger, to help protect all of their readers and make sure they start their NFT journey securely, avoiding common mistakes with the risk of compromising their assets. 
Ledger will also be part of the WEB 3 events at Le Wagon. We were pleased of having  Nicolas Baccas, Leger CEO at Le Wagon on the 18th May 2022. 

We believe that through our partnership you will have more tools to understand this elaborate tech ecosystem in a playful way.

If you want to learn more about NTF here is the link to their newsletter.
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