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Imperial and Le Wagon join forces to launch the Imperial Data Science Intensive Course

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Imperial College London, Europe's leading university in science and technology. The Imperial Data Science Intensive Course, powered by Le Wagon, is a full-time, online and immersive programme, which will give you the most in-demand skills to embark on your data science journey and skyrocket your career.

Le Wagon’s world-class curriculum is all about innovation and excellence. As the leading organisation in the tech training ecosystem, we are partnering with the Data Science Institute at Imperial College London to reimagine the future of education. Together we’ve been working hard to bring the best in the education and data science world.

This cutting – edge programme is designed to teach data science step by step and aims to equip students with the necessary skills to transform data into actionable insights using real world data.

The course will be online to allow students from around the world to share a unique learning experience and expand their network. It will be delivered live so that they can interact with the teaching team in real-time, ask questions, and get support as they progress through the course. Through this interactive experience, students will experience first hand what working as part of a data team is really like.

What does Le Wagon bring?

We are lucky at Le Wagon to have the setup, learning tools and experienced teachers needed to quickly adapt when needed, and have continued to deliver our world-class coding bootcamps across the world despite the challenging situation. Our instructors will teach you the skills you need to launch your career in a data science team in only 10 weeks. From Pandas to deep learning, you will finish the data science course knowing how to explore, clean and transform data into actionable insights and how to implement machine learning models from start to finish in a production environment, working in teams with the best-in-class tool belt. Furthermore, once you graduate, you belong to a global tech community and have access to our online platform to keep learning and growing.

Boris Paillard, CEO and Co-Founder, Le Wagon


“I am very excited to launch this programme in partnership with Imperial College London, because my role is to keep an eye on the evolution of the industry and how to design and deliver the best curriculum to our students so that they can find a job very quickly after the training. And I’ve seen that the data science industry has changed very fast within the last year”

Boris Paillard, CEO and Co-Founder, Le Wagon

What does Imperial bring?

Imperial’s academics and researchers are at the top of their field and you will get the opportunity to be mentored by them as part of the training. These academic mentors will be conducting weekly introductions where they will share challenges they are currently facing and how they handle them. They will highlight issues that the global community may not have thought about yet and prompt course participants to reflect on them. By enrolling in this course, you will join Imperial’s pioneering Data Spark programme, a data analytics programme where in teams, and coached by an Imperial researcher, you will apply the skills learned during to course to a real dataset and extract information and insights.

Once successfully completed the course, you will receive a verified digital certificate issued by the Centre for Continuing Professional Development at Imperial College London.

Dr Mark Kennedy, Programme Lead and Co-Director of the Data Science Institute (DSI)


“This course gives you the three E’s: Essentials, not just basics, allowing you to be productive in the real world. Experience, not just concepts and exercises. [] you are really doing this as you would be doing in a job in the real world. Exposure to trainers and instructors at Le Wagon who have been perfecting this for a while. We are excited to be teamed up with them, [] the mentors you will have at your projects from Imperial are researchers that are top in their field”

Dr Mark Kennedy, Programme Lead and Co-Director Data Science Institute, Imperial College London
We believe that this online intensive course combines the best assets that both Le Wagon and Imperial College London are well known for, and will be a quick and efficient way for students to grow professionally and stand out as candidates or start-up founders in the world of Data Science.Ready to dive into Data Science? Discover our program and apply to our Le Wagon x Imperial Data Science course.

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