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Meet our staff: Yair Gordon, web developer and lecturer in full-stack web technologies

Yair Gordon is leading our full-stack Web Development coding bootcamp in Tel Aviv. Yair guarantees our students have the best possible experience at coding bootcamp focusing on developing their skills to become amazing professionals.

Hi. Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Yair, and I'm a web developer and lecturer in full-stack web technologies. I'm passionate about helping people get started on their journeys into the world of coding and development.

How long have you been teaching at Le Wagon and what impresses you the most about Le Wagon?

I've been teaching at Le Wagon for the past two years. I continue to be impressed with Le Wagon's attitude towards their teaching content, their internal systems, and of course their students.

Let's get down to one of the most important questions: How much can you actually learn in Le Wagon's 9-week web development bootcamp?

My answer is, enough to build a functioning, modern, relevant website that allows versatile user engagement. You won't walk out of a Le Wagon bootcamp as an expert in web development: like any significant area of knowledge, expertise comes from self-learning and plenty of experience. But Le Wagon will give you a powerful kick-start into the field, giving you a good dose of practical, hands-on coding and also guiding you to access the materials you need, helping you learn to help yourself. The skill and experience level is roughly equivalent to that of a junior web developer.It's also important to remember that each person learns in their own way. At Le Wagon, co-operation and teamwork are essential ingredients in the 9-week bootcamp, and during the course you'll end up working with every person in your group. But students often end up comparing themselves to other students, and may sometimes feel that they are not at the same level of comprehension or achievement. I remind my students that their journey is their own, and that their challenges are personal: it's not fair to compare. Some people will love the front-end modules, others will thrive on the server-side content. Faster or slower, it's important that you are challenging yourself to do your best. That's the measure of a successful bootcamp experience, in my opinion.

Any tips or word of advice?

As a final pro-tip, I'd say: stay loose, stay sharp, stay curious, and give yourself a break. Coding can be challenging and intense, and there's a wide world of knowledge and skills out there. Try your best, but realize that you can't always grasp it all. Acknowledge your achievements and have a rest when you need to, but keep learning, keep asking questions, and keep experimenting. This will take you far in web development, as in many other fields.
If you'll be taking a Le Wagon bootcamp, you're in for an exciting, exhilarating, intense, and rewarding experience. Enjoy the ride!
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