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How tech hubs are moving to Porto

In an effort to make the city more sustainable, Porto has begun to return public space to its residents. Not only the residents, but also the IT scene, growing companies and digital nomads from all industries are taking notice of what Porto has to offer.
What does Porto have to offer?

Although Porto may not be as popular as Lisbon is among digital nomads, it’s growing in popularity. There are a ton of excellent co-working places and cafés that accept laptops that provide a comfortable setting for remote work as well as a range of networking opportunities.
- Over the years, a lot of big businesses have also moved to Porto from other countries in Europe and across the world. Recently, UK-based Revolut expanded into Portugal, opening up a new customer operations center in Porto. This is just one example out of many.

Example of Tech Hubs in Porto
Lionesa Business Hub, in Leça, is growing very fast with various projects lined up with the view to expand even further. They believe that diversity fosters creativity and enables them to jointly create a distinct way of being and acting. Their main mission is to make Porto and the North of Portugal a happier and more innovative territory.

Farfetch as become part of the new expansion of BIG in Porto, they have created the new Fuse Valley Project. In order to provide a variety of visual and physical experiences that encourage innovation and interpersonal interaction among all those involved in the business process—creators, employees, collaborators, and customers—Fuse Valley will be able to grow organically and evolve over time as a natural village.

Gaia Infinity Hub aims to bring together young talents, prestigious educational institutions, and huge enterprises in a single "hub" as a way of promoting the growth of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. It will be capable of generating 15,000 direct jobs, with teaching equipment, companies, innovation and technology, hotel and retail area. For example, companies such as Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Tesla, among others, will be able to open offices in the new Gaia complex.

Porto is a rising tech hub with opportunities and unique talent in every corner. Learn to code in one of the coolest destinations in Europe where tech has a future and it shows! Find more at: https://www.lewagon.com/porto
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