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Empowering Alumni Success: The Impact of Proficient JavaScript and Ruby Skills

“Being a FullStack Developer proficient in both Ruby and JavaScript has been a game-changer.” - Maelie, Le Wagon Alumni

In this interview, we dove into the journey of Maelie—an accomplished freelance web developer and graduate of Le Wagon’s Web Development bootcamp. Throughout this conversation, we’ll uncover Maelie’s seasoned insights, exploring Le Wagon’s innovative teaching methodology, the critical importance of mastering multiple coding languages, and gaining a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of freelance web development.


Hi Maelie, could you please introduce yourself?

Hi there! I’m Maelie, a freelance web developer who graduated from Le Wagon’s Web Development bootcamp in 2020. I’ve also had the privilege of contributing my expertise as a teacher at Le Wagon. My freelance work primarily involves crafting web applications for small businesses and collaborating with web agencies. I take projects from concept to completion, ensuring they’re finely tuned to my clients’ needs.


What inspired you to shift from science studies to web development?

Interestingly, my background was in sciences with a focus on mathematics. However, the allure of web development gradually drew me in. I felt a growing dissatisfaction with my previous studies, and seeing the remarkable journey my partner had through Le Wagon’s bootcamp ignited my curiosity. Witnessing his successful transition into freelance web development made me realize the potential for a fulfilling career in this field.


Le Wagon is known for its teaching methodology. Could you elaborate on how it equipped you for independent learning?

Absolutely. Le Wagon’s approach stands out because it encourages independent learning, a skill essential for any developer. The most valuable lesson was learning how to effectively use documentation for different languages. Once you grasp one language’s documentation, you gain the autonomy to explore new languages confidently. Developer forums and communities also played a pivotal role in my ongoing learning journey.


How has being skilled in both Ruby and JavaScript enhanced your versatility as a developer?

Being a FullStack Developer proficient in both Ruby and JavaScript has been a game-changer. Ruby’s simplicity and ease of learning make it perfect for backend tasks. On the other hand, JavaScript’s dynamic capabilities empower me to create interactive and engaging frontends, thus enhancing the overall user experience.


Could you share an interesting recent project you worked on and your role in it?

Certainly! In a recent project, I was tasked with integrating payment systems for a custom sticker website. My role centered around seamlessly blending two payment gateways—Stripe for credit card payments and PayPal for alternative transactions. Beyond showcasing my technical skills, this project was a fantastic opportunity to learn and bridge both JavaScript and Ruby functionalities.


How does knowing multiple coding languages provide an advantage in job interviews?

Having a diverse skill set across multiple coding languages is incredibly advantageous during job interviews. It showcases adaptability and readiness to take on diverse projects. The ability to swiftly learn and embrace new languages for project-specific needs becomes second nature when you’re comfortable with a variety of coding languages.


Le Wagon emphasizes handling multiple coding languages. How does this approach help developers manage complexity?

Le Wagon’s approach is effective in easing the potential complexity of learning multiple coding languages. By focusing on fundamental concepts that span languages, graduates are equipped to transition seamlessly between them. This approach ensures that developers can adapt and integrate new languages with ease.


What’s your preferred coding language and why?

Initially, I leaned towards Ruby due to its beginner-friendly nature. But over time, my fondness for JavaScript has grown significantly. JavaScript’s dynamic nature enables me to create captivating, interactive frontends, which is truly impactful in modern web development.

Interestingly, 83% of Le Wagon alumni who are developers work with both JavaScript and Ruby, attesting to their dynamic blend of skills that empower them to excel across various dimensions of modern web development.


Can you share advice for aspiring developers and tech enthusiasts?

Absolutely. My advice is to practice consistently, collaborate on personal projects, and actively engage with fellow developers. Learning from others is invaluable. Additionally, don’t limit yourself to just one coding language. Exploring and embracing various languages enriches your skills and broadens your perspective, setting you up for a more versatile and fulfilling career journey.



With Maelie’s insightful journey and experiences, we’ve explored the exciting world of freelance web development through the lens of a Le Wagon alumni. As the tech landscape continues to evolve, her story offers inspiration and guidance for those looking to embark on a similar path. Whether you’re considering a career switch or aiming to enhance your web development skills, Maelie’s insights shed light on the road ahead.

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