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How I automated my company in so many ways, and amazed its board!

Hice el bootcamp de Le Wagon Buenos Aires en 2020 e inmediatamente después de terminarlo empecé a desarrollar una aplicación ERP para manejar toda la empresa a nivel nacional. El resultado fue tan bueno que recibí propuestas de todos los departamentos de la empresa para desarrollar funcionalidades con el objetivo de simplificar sus tareas y reportes.
Hi, I'm Jose Ignacio Jerez, Project Manager in Impromaq in Chile (ping me!).

I want to share my story to push people towards this outstanding experience...

I live in the central zone of Chile, my degrees are in civil engineering and philosophy and I work as a project manager in the industrial sector. I have to carry out a large number of civil works and mechanical projects.

I have had an excellent performance, but I felt that the tools that I had at my disposal were insufficient to achieve the level of efficiency and effectiveness that I knew we could achieve as a team. The standardized applications did not really suit our needs.

I took Le Wagon in 2020 in Buenos Aires and immediately after finishing the course I began the development of an ERP application to manage the entire company and its branches throughout the country. The experience was so successful that I got requests from all sections of the company to implement new features focused on simplifying and improving their work, and reports.

Having achieved this first goal, I decided to go for more and developed an application for the operations personnel for the reception of raw materials. Next came another application for the entire warehouse department. It will sound crazy, but in the meantime, I also received and declined an offer to work remotely in a company in the United States. The entire board was impressed by how quickly we had improved things, and for the first time, our clients could also interact with our applications. All reports, that previously took ages to get and required plenty of manpower, were fully automated and available 24/7 for decision making.

Other companies that learned about our experience, requested me to create web applications for their field operations. Therefore, now I also have an independent income coming from these side projects.

During this time, I have maintained contact with my fellow peers, teachers, and my driver, Sebas Buffo Sempé, who has given me contacts and support when I needed to develop certain complex functionalities. Today I also feel able to hire consultants or senior developers, understanding how they work and their language, and knowing how to work as a team to develop solutions for current business problems.

Last but not least, I will highlight that if you are interested in the tech ecosystem, you will love that Le Wagon regularly does events with entrepreneurs and local tech companies.

My 3 takeaways from this life-changing experience:

Le Wagon was not only a learning bootcamp about coding, it was an amazing experience, with students from all over the world, different backgrounds and ages, and leaving new friends after the program.

It is a world-class experience that I really recommend from every point of view. It will push you beyond your expectations, and you will grow not only on the technical side but also in a diverse and creative mindset.

You need to know that Le Wagon will require a lot of commitment and dedication, but I assure you that you will never regret it, and you will open doors you've never thought about.
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