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Christophe & Mélanie, founders of La Bulle Kreativ, nomadic school for children

One is a math and web programming teacher, the other is a freelance Ruby on Rails developer and teacher at Le Wagon Nantes. In the spring of 2020, they met and launched La Bulle Kreativ, a nomadic school to teach programming to children aged 7 to 15.

Hello ! Can you introduce yourself ?

Mélanie: My name is Mélanie, I did batch 234 in Winter 2018, in Nantes. I'm co-founder of La Bulle Kreativ, teacher at Le Wagon, and Ruby on Rails fullstack developer.

Christophe: My name is Christophe, I did the Batch 107 in Nantes in October 2017. I'm the co-founder of La Bulle Kreativ, and I do some web training as well.

La Bulle Kreativ... What is it?

Christophe: La Bulle Kreativ is a nomadic school which aims to allow children from 7 to 15 years old to learn how to program.

The idea is to allow them to understand the digital world, but also to learn how to shape this digital world that surrounds us, through creative programming workshops.

How did you come to work together?

Mélanie: Our meeting was a bit special. I had the idea of creating programming workshops for children. I talked about it to my colleagues at Le Wagon, and we were quickly put in touch by Nicolas, who is a teacher at Le Wagon. We called each other during the first lockdown. 

“At the end of that call, Christophe said to me, 'We have a workshop in 1.5 hours by video conference. If you want, come to the workshop. And in the end... we never stopped working together!”

How was the project of La Bulle Kreativ built?

Christophe: I was a teacher at Le Wagon in Tel Aviv because I wanted to become a digital nomad after the Wagon. I wanted to travel, to live off my passions. And I really liked it! 

So I thought it would be cool to offer this to children. I went to Martinique, I gave some Scratch lessons, and I saw that the kids loved it. They are real sponges, they love to reproduce what adults do!

Is it different to teach adults and children?

Mélanie: I am a teacher at Le Wagon Nantes for adult beginners, and I lead programming workshops for children. In the end, there's not really a big difference between the two! They are all beginners, and the kids understand much better than you would expect. As well as adults who are starting to develop.

What are the upcoming projects for La Bulle Kreativ?

Christophe: The new projects for La Bulle Kreativ are to develop the workshops in overseas France. I participated in a competition, Pit à Pitch: Master Pitch, which allows us to pitch our projects and I won a sponsorship via Martinique Tech to help us develop our workshops in Martinique.

The idea is to be able to initially develop these workshops in Martinique, then in Guadeloupe, and afterwards, try to open them in the United States, Canada, and France, obviously.
Mélanie & Christophe, founders of La Bulle Kreativ
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