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Clara builds her career in web

Clara comes from Geneva After her Bachelor at Glion hospitality school and her master's degree at CREA, Clara did the bootcamp in Lausanne. She built a bot for Instagram and experienced UX Design and Product Management with her teammates. She is now working as Web & UX Designer for ISO in Geneva

Hi Clara. Can you tell us about your journey?

With pleasure :) After completing my bachelor's degree at Glion Hospitality School, I wanted to position myself in the field of marketing. I did a master's degree at CREA in digital marketing. It helped me acquire knowledge in digitalisation related to marketing. It was also during this time that I discovered the career path of UX design.

After my master's degree, I wanted to continue on this path. I signed up on a freelancing platform to be able to find projects and develop my portfolio. I carried out several missions but I was quickly frustrated about not being able to develop ideas until the end, that is to say until the development phase. That’s why I decided to join the Wagon.

What motivated you to study web dev ?

Two things:

I had several ideas that I wanted to develop, including an Instagram bot to help me automate my time-consuming IG tasks.

The second reason is that I was very interested in UX design. I wanted to join a large organisation but felt like I was missing skills to differentiate myself in a job market saturated with profiles like mine.

And what are you doing now?

After Le Wagon, I applied for UX design positions on online platforms such as jobup, indeed, linkedin, etc. I ended up interviewing at ISO for a one-year internship. I was competing with another alumni of the Wagon in Lausanne. What really made the difference is the portfolio I built my projects at Le Wagon and as a freelance.

Today, I work as a Web & UX designer. My job requires me to optimise and migrate websites. And soon, I will focus on Front-End development.

How did the bootcamp go for you?

The bootcamp went really well. I was able to put together my Instagram Bot idea as a final project at Le Wagon. It allowed me to make good progress in my thinking and to get my hands on the project management part. At first I found it hard to visualise what the application could look like. It was after several mockups that we were able, as a group, to really see the application materialise itself and meet the needs of our users. This exercise was great because that's exactly what you have to do as a UX designer. And, best of all, we were able to go all the way and actually code the application.

There was a great atmosphere in my batch, I was able to meet people as motivated as me and who also wanted to change career paths. I loved that it was so hands-on.

A final word?

For future students, don't forget to do your flashcards ;-)

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