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Meet our students: Laurence, gaining insights into development

Laurence was working with account integrity management at Bell before starting Le Wagon in January 2020. She is the mother of two children and hopes to pivot into a new career as a developer or product manager.

What motivated you to take the leap towards this career change?

I was on the verge of getting my bachelor’s degree in marketing and was looking for ways to boost my skill set with technical knowledge. Being fascinated by the internet as I am, I was interested in uncovering the inner workings of web applications in order to someday build one myself. Marketing and web development are closely linked, after all. Studying programming would give me an insight into how developers work.

“I also wanted to take on a personal challenge by learning to code.”

Why did you choose to study web development at Le Wagon?

I decided on Le Wagon after reviewing all my options. This bootcamp had glowing reviews online that painted the picture of a school that not only taught programming, but also welcomed you into an international community of developers. I liked the fact that Le Wagon offered a variety of conferences and activities to attend, which makes the experience all the more enriching.

Finally, Le Wagon gave me the impression that my professional future was actually being taken into consideration and that the team would support me throughout my journey.

What advice would you give to women who are still waiting to start?

People sometimes believe that they need to wait for this elusive perfect moment before they can accomplish their dreams and goals. The truth is that the longer we wait, the less likely that moment is to come. There will probably never be a perfect moment to go back to school or change careers, that’s why it’s important to have confidence in yourself and seize the moment. 

“The important thing is to listen to yourself and follow your own path—there is no one best way to achieve your goals.”

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Curious to see the result of their hard work? Head on over to our DemoDay on March 13th to discover the web apps they built in teams during the last 10 days of the Web Development bootcamp.

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