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Jean-Julien, web & UX designer freelancer

After his training in Tech at Le Wagon, Jean-Julien worked in an agency as a web integrator for marketing and SEO teams. He then started freelancing as a web & UX designer. As a freelancer, he works in collaboration with a few alumni, notably with the agencies Drakkr, Kuartz and the freelance collective Moon Moon.

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Jean-Julien, I am 29 years old. I did the batch 139 (Winter 2018) in Nantes. Today I'm a freelance web designer in Rennes and a teacher at Le Wagon on all the front-end and UX part. I also present at the end of the bootcamp, on the projects part where I help the students in the design of the UI / UX of their products.

What did you do after Le Wagon?

After Le Wagon, I was lucky enough to be hired at Mediaveille (now Yumens) which is a big agency in Rennes. I was working as an integrator and web designer in web marketing and SEO teams. These were things that were completely new for me.

It was very enriching but finally I wanted to do other things, to launch personal projects, to work with other people, to change a little the type of customers I was working with. That's why I chose to go back to freelancing.

How is your work organized ?

I usually have between 2 and 3 projects at the same time, mainly design or integration, which will use HTML, CSS and Javascript languages.

Then I switch between a lot of client meetings and pure creation from home or elsewhere depending on where I am.

Who are your clients ?

I work with some alumni from Nantes like the Moon Moon collective or the agencies Drakkr and Kuartz. I also work with alumni from Rennes, such as Jacky Meslins who is working on a project of development of the territory to promote Breton culture through web applications or interactive projects.

What did you mainly learn at the Wagon?

At Le Wagon I learned to really have an idea of the scope of a web project and of all the layers that make up a web project, from the lowest to the highest, and how to finally articulate it all with different languages.

I learned how to pull the strings between these different bricks and at the end how to build a real product, a real project.

A word to those who are hesitating to join the training?

To those who are still hesitating to join Le Wagon, I would advise them to go for it, not to hesitate because it's really an incredible experience and it's very rewarding to discover yourself, to discover new ways of thinking, to see yourself doing things that you thought you couldn't do at all.

So just go for it!
Jean-Julien chilling a bit between two lectures at Le Wagon
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