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From music to code: creativity is the key for Jun!

Jun, 26 years old, is a former music teacher who fell in love with code. To her, coding is a creative process, just like writing music. One year after starting her Le Wagon journey in Melbourne, she now works at Ematic as an SEO and web developer!

'Code feels like learning a new instrument. Reading code is like reading a sheet of music. Finding solutions became just as creative as writing a new song!'

Can you introduce yourself to our community?

Hi everyone, my name is Jun. I'm 26 years old and I'm from Malaysia. I'm one of the cohorts of batch #295 in Melbourne, from July to September 2019. I come from a background in music education and stage management. Before joining Le Wagon, I spent about a year travelling around East Asia. I started coding for fun when I was based in Singapore, in my spare time.

What decided you to learn to code and to join Le Wagon Melbourne?

From the moment I wrote my first piece of code, a spark ignited within me instantly in a way I wasn’t expecting. To me, code feels like I’m learning a new instrument, an instrument that is only limited by my imagination. Reading code is like reading a sheet of music - the printed notes require interpretation and execution. Finding solutions became just as creative as writing a new song!

I tried to learn it myself by completing online courses, but I didn't have a clear direction of how to put all things that I've learned together. After researching and contacting some bootcamp alumni, Le Wagon stood out from all the rest for me in terms of price, diversity of the cohort, learning environment, and especially with its product-driven curriculum.

'I never dreamt that I could build an app in such a short period of time before enrolling Le Wagon.'

How would you describe your experience in Le Wagon?

The most amazing thing, that I truly valued during my time in Le Wagon, was meeting so many like-minded people. Not just meeting our teachers and cohort, but also learning in a co-working space got me a chance to meet several designers, entrepreneurs, developers... It helped me to stay motivated and inspired throughout the coding journey. I also loved pair-programming, which developed my problem-solving and communication skills. Because the teacher and TAs are always there to support you, I felt like time was flying and that I learnt very fast.

I never dreamt that I could build an app in such a short period of time before enrolling Le Wagon. That sense of satisfaction I get after finishing a project is something I haven’t felt in years. Now, every day I code takes me a little closer to building anything I can dream of.

Jun with batch #295 in Le Wagon Melbourne

So, what's up since you graduated? 

After I graduated, I became a Teaching Assistant in Le Wagon Singapore. It gave me a chance to contribute to Le Wagon and to solidify what I have learned. I also built up my portfolio and started job hunting for my next role. After 2 months, I landed an internship in a remote SAAS company. And now, a year after starting the bootcamp, I'm an SEO and web developer. For the future, I can't really see myself doing anything else other than creating things, mentoring and help others to achieve their goals with web development.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the course?

Joining Le Wagon is joining a community, not a bootcamp. Reach out to alumni on LinkedIn, especially in the city you are considering joining, and ask about their experience and what they did after graduating from the bootcamp.

During the bootcamp, try to ask as many questions as possible and don't feel embarrassed! Everyone comes from radically different backgrounds, to do something they have never done before. It may seem overwhelming at the beginning, but trust me they will provide you with the tools for your success. During the project weeks, you will be working in a small group, an incredible environment to boost yourself, which will give you a solid idea of how to organize and teamwork. It is a very similar experience to launching a startup. I think all the interpersonal skills you'll pick up during the bootcamp are an important part of the learning experience that Le Wagon offers. And don't forget to have fun!

'Joining Le Wagon is joining a community, not a bootcamp.'

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