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How Sebastian Surfed the Technology Wave At Just 20

Last year, Sebastian decided to invest in his future by doing Le Wagon's Bootcamp, hoping to learn everything he needed to be able to build and launch his own projects. One year later, he tells us how this experience changed his life at just 20.
"In just 9 weeks, not only was I able to learn how to transform code into a tangible software, but I was able to gain the skills and knowledge that some people study in an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) for 2 years to acquire."

I. Can you introduce yourself to our community?

Hello everyone, my name is Sebastian and I'm 20 years old. Life before Le Wagon was honestly quite a journey. As I only graduated year 12 back in 2017, I was living in this unique moment in history: I knew that I could either catch the technology and internet wave while it was still building momentum or be swept underneath after it crashes. Like any broke, recently graduated high school student, I knew that to capitalize on this wave, getting capital was the first step. So, I began working a full-time 7am – 4pm warehouse job for a year and a half. Spending the rest of my afternoons educating myself, attending seminars/workshops, launching small online business, playing basketball, and other more normal 19 year old things.

II. What decided you to learn to code and to join?

I feel like joining Le Wagon was honestly a natural progression. Having worked for a year and a half, I had garnered an immense knowledge in online business, but I was still lacking the backend knowledge required to code and understand the inner workings of the internet/technology. This ultimately led me with a fork in the road, deciding to either do it alone and continue learning with a combination of free and paid online content, go to university, or do a coding Bootcamp. University was quickly out of the picture as investing 3 years to learning a new skill would be to high of an opportunity cost, and frankly, I knew the content would be outdated by the time I graduated.

I found 4 of the major coding Bootcamps in Melbourne, and after doing to my research, there were three main reasons I chose Le Wagon over the others:

1. The community. From the very first moment, it was clear that Le Wagon was a family, a family of open-minded, entrepreneurial, friendly, charismatic people from all walks of life. People that I felt an immediate connection with and knew I wanted to become closer with.

2. The structure. Le Wagon was the only Bootcamp that I saw that wasn’t structured like a conventional classroom or even like a conventional curriculum, with most of the learning being done in open flexible time blocks, by peer-programming, with 2 weeks of applied project work at the end. This really appealed to my entrepreneurial nature of getting to collaborate, build stuff, and most importantly have a good level of independence. I had a startup idea at that time, and sadly that start-up never grew to what I had planned it to; but because of those 2 weeks alone, not only was I able to learn how to transform code into a tangible software, I was able to gain the skills and knowledge that some people study an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) for 2 years to acquire.

3. The teachers. Words can’t even describe the love and admiration I have for the Le Wagon teachers. Their passion for code and life as a whole is honestly contagious. Let’s be honest, coding isn’t the most glamorous task, and I genuinely believe this is to the bottom of my heart: if I had chosen any other coding Bootcamp I would not approach coding with the joy and excitement that I do today.

III. How would you describe your experience at Le Wagon?

There are genuinely no words that I can type that will explain this experience. It is an experience that to this day is still un-matched. No day at Le Wagon was ever the same, but I guess you can expect that when you plan to learn as much as you do in 9 weeks.

Nothing at Le Wagon is by accident. Everything, from the peer-programming, to project weeks, to learning at a co-working space, is designed so that you gain immense knowledge in coding. You also “graduate” as an all-round better human being, equipped with all the other necessary skills required to succeed in life whether you chose to work for yourself or somebody else.

You may be thinking: "Who in their right mind chooses a crowded co-working space to host a school?", but that’s the genius of Paal and the Le Wagon community. I don’t ever think I would want to learn outside of a co-working space ever again. You get to meet amazing people every day, most of which that are already successful entrepreneurs working in start-ups and online business, that you otherwise wouldn’t ever get the chance to meet and learn from.

IV. So, what's up since you graduated?

I’m currently employee number 3 at an e-commerce start-up, wearing a variety of different hats from inventory management, digital marketing, website development, and more. Like any start-up, no 2 days at work are ever the same, although, after Le Wagon, I feel far more equipped to manage such a chaotic schedule.

I'm building my online businesses in my free time. During my time off work, I still continue building my own online businesses. As once I build sufficient traction, my plan is to completely transition into working for myself, living a completely location-independent lifestyle, only made possible by technology and the internet.

V. What would you tell to someone thinking about joining the course?

“Life is a sum of all your choices.” - Albert Camus.

You now have a pretty big choice to make: to enroll or not to enroll. I can tell you now that the lives that follow this decision are completely different. One will teach you a skill that will be relevant for decades to come, open doors unimaginable to you right now, give you self-confidence beyond belief, transform you into a world-class communicator, expand your network with high-value connections, provide you with the mindset to elevate all facets of your life, and memories/stories that you will remember forever. The other choice, I personally don’t have experience with. But I’ll be honest: I’m very happy with the choice I made.

"Nothing at Le Wagon is by accident. You graduate as an all-round better human being, equipped with all the necessary skills required to succeed in life, whether you chose to work for yourself or somebody else. "

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