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Paulina: bringing together technology and socio-economics

What motivates students to spend their summer holidays on learning how to code? Paulina, a Sociology, Politics & Economics student from Germany, decided to join Le Wagon Web Development Course in Oslo to better understand the tech world and its impact on other fields of study, as well as everyday life.

Apart from being a student, Paulina is also the General Manager of Female Founders Night, a platform of discussion regarding the role of women in society with a focus on areas such as entrepreneurship, politics, and art. She graduated from #269batch in Oslo, in August 2019. We asked Paulina a few questions about her bootcamp experience.

1) Why did you join the Le Wagon Web Development Course? 

After starting my studies in sociology, politics, and economics, my curiosity regarding the interplay between ongoing technical developments and the socio-economic changes that arise with it, grew. I got extremely curious about tech and wanted to better understand how those technologies are created and programmed.

2) What do you think was the most interesting part of the bootcamp?

Constantly being introduced to new things: through talks, guests speaker, stories and experiences shared by teachers and students. Despite all the different backgrounds of the participants, Le Wagon made it possible for every student to grow at their individual pace. One of the main reasons why I enjoyed this program so much: the opportunity to challenge yourself every day by learning new things. What amazed me was the variety of opportunities to learn. Apart from the daily lessons and flashcards, there was a constant offer to read up on topics, ask your teachers, or simply have a conversation with fellow students.

3) What is your plan now, that you finished the course? 

I am currently a university student, so I still have some time before looking for a job. Coding will definitely remain something I am passionate about, and Le Wagon introduced me to a variety of new career possibilities within tech, so I am very excited and open to exploring different options in the future.

4) Can you tell us something more about Female Founders Night? What do you do?

Our talks and panels tackle topics that range from social entrepreneurship to mindfulness, art, the tech-scene and all the way to female empowerment. We want to make strong, confident women visible for everyone and aim to reshape the stigma surrounding female founders. Entrepreneurship has many facets; we define entrepreneurship as a pioneering spirit that challenges existing limits.

5) How would you describe the Le Wagon Web Development course to someone who hasn’t heard of it before? 

Le Wagon is an opportunity. Everyone who decides to join this programming course will leave with a lot of knowledge about coding. But more importantly, it is a chance to take 9 weeks to invest in yourself and fully focus on your personal development. I was amazed by the high level of motivation in the group and effort everyone put in to improve. I feel like this interdisciplinary learning approach gives you guidance and a very stable foundation of knowledge, network, and experiences: what you do with it, that is up to you. Personally, I am very excited to explore where it will lead me in the future.
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