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Le Wagon Montréal: a Talent Pool for Canadian Start-ups

In the realm of start-ups, finding the right talent to build an agile and skilled team is often a challenge. That's why many have turned to Le Wagon Montréal to discover web or data professionals. Offering not only new tech skills, but also a teaching approach that instills a specific set of skills and a disciplined approach, we take pride in supporting tomorrow's unicorns by granting them privileged access to our alumni.

We had the opportunity to speak with Noa Disegni, Co-Founder of Trendit, a social network that ranks all events happening in real-time across Canada. Noa recruited You Pan, an alumna of Le Wagon Montréal with expertise in web development.


A Fruitful Encounter

Each bootcamp concludes with Career Week, where graduates and alumni connect with industry professionals and companies. It was at a networking event during this week that Noa, accompanied by her co-founder Martin Masseline, met You Pan, a Web Development program alumna. Noa promptly offered her an internship opportunity.

This decision turned out to be mutually rewarding for both You and Trendit. You had the opportunity to apply her skills in a practical setting, and Trendit benefited significantly from her valuable contributions. “You learned a lot with us, and we learned a lot from her!“, says Noa.

For the past year, You has been involved with Trendit’s development team, actively contributing to the application’s growth. Through this immersion, she’s been strengthening her programming skills while supporting the launch of this budding enterprise. Her diligence and commitment to her work have made her an invaluable asset for Trendit. “For a year, You has been involved in the project with our developers. Today, she has become an expert in our technical stack. With her consistent follow-through and professionalism, she is poised to evolve within the team! We’re more than delighted to have met her. It’s a genuine opportunity to grow together,” highlights Noa.”


Soft Skills Acquired Throughout the Bootcamp

Beyond the technical skills gained during the bootcamp, You’s soft skills made a lasting impression on the founders of Trendit. Le Wagon emphasizes effective collaboration within a tech team while nurturing a strong sense of autonomy. This quality was evident in our alumna’s collaborative approach within the company. “At Le Wagon, You learned to work in a team and to learn autonomously. She’s extremely independent and evolves by herself,” notes Noa.

Her demonstrated independence aligns with the needs of the fledgling start-up, which demands quick adaptability. Her capacity for autonomy and openness to new challenges has significantly contributed to the team’s success.


Networking Opportunities

Since recruiting from Le Wagon, Trendit has used the opportunities offered by the program to connect with potential talent through participation in various events. As a startup with budget constraints, they are looking for junior profiles capable of growing within the company and making an immediate impact.

We’re a small startup with limited budget constraints. We can’t afford developers with high salary expectations based on their extensive years of professional experience. We also seek developers who can grow with us. Le Wagon, for us, is a real opportunity. While their developers are considered beginners, they’ve already worked on multiple projects and demonstrate great independence,” affirms Noa.

Le Wagon graduates are an ideal fit: their project development experience during the bootcamp, combined with the personal skills refined throughout the courses, prepares them to enter the job market with notable professional maturity, discipline, and a strong commitment to full engagement. The technical and soft skills of our alumni set them apart in the job market. We take pride in providing access to a diverse pool of talent for start-up companies. For those seeking hidden gems, Le Wagon opens doors to a varied group of skilled alumni!


If you’d like to receive invitations to exclusive networking events similar to Trendit, feel free to reach out to Marie-Gabrielle Ayoub at mg.ayoub@lewagon.org.

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