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The tech job market in North America: Key figures and outlook

In the technology sector, the Web and Data industries are attracting widespread interest. As we enter 2024, let's explore these current markets’ trends and opportunities in North America.

The Tech Sector’s Steady Growth: the Numbers Speak for Themselves!

According to reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, projected job growth for web developers is close to 15% between now and 2032, offering many  opportunities for those who aspire to a career in these fields! On average, around 19,000 jobs in these sectors are created every year!

The CBRE’s study reinforces this positive trend: the tech industry maintains sustained growth well above the national average. Since 2010, it has seen the creation of 2 million jobs, with an additional 476,000 jobs since February 2020. These figures show a rapidly expanding professional landscape, propelled by numerous tech hubs such as Vancouver and Toronto that have recorded the most significant job growth.

Moreover, the development of AI is expected to automate 75 million jobs globally and create 133 million new jobs by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum. A recent study conducted by McKinsey also demonstrates explosive growth in this domain: 40% of the surveyed companies claim that they will increase their investment in AI. This confirms that it is not surprising that currently, 37% of job offers in the tech industry specifically request experience and skills in AI.

To learn more about the impact of AI on the 2024 job market, download our tech roadmap.


Data-Driven growth: Rapidly Growing Startup Prospects

The year 2024 looks promising, as confirmed by Manon Grisolet, Director of Talent and Culture at Potloc, a Montreal-based company specializing in market research via social networks, and a recruiting partner of Le Wagon Montréal. Since its creation in 2014, Potloc has experienced strong growth: it now has over 230 employees, spread across North America and Europe.

 Manon shared her views on the current market in the technology industry with us:

“The tech job-market is incredibly dynamic. Since the pandemic, doors have opened towards North America for web professions. It is, without a doubt, still relevant to move into web or data professions.” She also adds “Even when you have a job that isn’t directly technical, having a solid understanding of the possibilities created by the web and data makes it easier to grasp the technological revolutions we will be experiencing in the coming years.”

Looking to the future, Potloc envisions  significant growth in  both web development and data privacy teams by 2024, offering opportunities for those aspiring to a career in these fields: 

“So we have the tough but wonderful task of growing the team fast, while maintaining our culture and strong team spirit. Of course, we’re not alone, and the competition is fierce!”

The secret to joining this dynamic team? “To be willing to learn, to have the humility to challenge yourself, to take responsibility for the projects entrusted to you, to share your knowledge – that’s what we want to see,” concludes Manon. Just like Potloc’s success, the Web and Data worlds continue to offer many opportunities.


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