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Tech companies and Le Wagon alumni, a perfect fit

On entend souvent que le secteur des technologies manque de main d’oeuvre qualifiée. Attirer et retenir les talents est un défi pour plusieurs entreprises technologiques.

A diverse network of recruiting partners

From Ubisoft to CGI and Alithya, Sollum or Coveo, our ever-expanding network of partners including local and international technology companies opens a wealth of opportunities. Montreal, regarded as one of the most important technology centers in the world, provides the ideal hub for our emerging developers.

Following the summer edition of Career Week, a week dedicated to helping our graduates thrive in their job searches, we spoke with three of our recruiting partners to hear their feedback about our different organized events.

Events to connect talents and recruiters

Coveo is a Quebec company that combines unified search, analytics and machine learning to deliver relevant information and recommendations across every business interaction. 

“We participate in recruitment events first to discover life experiences, meet people who have a rich background… I always have the impression when interviewing that I am participating in such a rewarding discussion because we learn a lot about different fields and candidates who all have  truly unique backgrounds.” Marilou Bisson, recruiter at Coveo 

Patrick Ménard, VP Product at Sollum technologies, recruited two of our alumni after participating at a Demo Day.

"We often need several different profiles, be they engineers, Python programmers or front-end for the software part. The first two recruits, whom we met at Demo Day, sold us on the product they presented, demonstrating excellent front-end skills."

Today, Sollum Technologies, a company that offers an intelligent lighting system for agriculture, has three of our alumni in its ranks.

“Beyond looking at the skills required for a position, I look first for a candidate who embodies the mission of the company” says Patrick M. “If the profiles of engineering schools are suited for our technical positions, then the diversity of Le Wagon’s profiles are much more suited to our web development needs.”

An entrepreneurial and growth mindset: qualities valued by recruiters. 

For Alithya, a company specialized in strategy and digital transformation consulting for those in pursuit of innovation, a thirst for learning is key to evolving in the company.

“We really appreciate that fact that all graduates of Le Wagon have an entrepreneurial spirit, an important quality for us. We love the fact that they know how to adapt and take on the challenges that come with their aspirations” - Fanny Valette, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Alithya

For Fanny V., candidates from Le Wagon have interesting profiles mixed with vast professional experiences and the passion to learn. These profiles are particularly interesting for Alithya’s agile teams, which benefits from their diverse backgrounds and their thirst to learn.

Marilou Bisson discusses the importance of having the desire to learn throughout one's career in order to thrive in a company like Coveo.

"I am looking for a certain “growth mindset,” beyond having knowledge of whatever programming language, I want to know how the candidate can apply this knowledge in a professional context."
she says.

Passion, thirst to learn, and team spirit: three key qualities

The recruiters all agreed one on one thing about Le Wagon graduates, their passion. In addition to appreciating the courage it takes to change careers, the richness and variety of their previous experiences interests recruiters first and foremost.

“We were drawn in by the motivation to change careers, the boldness of the candidates to try something new, which brings a different and unique perspective to our teams.” Patrick M.

Fanny V. also reminds us that a good developer continuously improves his knowledge and skills throughout his career. Le Wagon’s alumni are in this process of continuous learning, collaboration, and mutual aid on a daily basis. 
“A good developer is also a team player. We sometimes forget, but collaboration is an important key to success” she added.

Three pieces of advice to start a career in tech 

“From my experience, good programmers are passionate. Coding is not just a task for them, they find themselves coding during their free time. Programming is only part of the job, you have to love the product, understand the user journey and the industry you work in. And stay curious!” Patrick M.

“Explore new areas of technology, and when you find what interests you, then specialize. Figure out what excites you before embarking on your next career.” Fanny V.

"Stay curious, continue to learn, and challenge yourself daily. Take the time to follow the trends in different technologies and don’t hesitate to ask questions when you start working.” Marilou B.

Are you looking for talent?

We are organizing our next “Coffee Break” on March 18 2021. At this event, you will get to meet our graduates. They are skillful junior developers, product managers, UI/UX designers and/or growth hackers. A great opportunity to chat about your exciting projects in an informal 1:1 setting.

Interested in joining our network of recruitment partners? Send us a request!

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