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An optician discovers a new passion in web development

Florian, a passionate optician, decided to venture into web development, making a bold leap into a new career with the help of a coding bootcamp and his current employer.

Making the big leap into a new career can be intimidating, but sometimes, it’s the best decision one can make for professional and personal growth. That’s precisely what Florian, a passionate optician, did when he decided to venture into web development.

In this interview, Florian shares his journey of career transition and experience with Le Wagon Web Development Bootcamp, which facilitated a successful transition into the world of technology.

After over a decade as an optician, Florian felt the need for new challenges and a field where he could continue learning and developing. “I still love my optician job, but I felt like I had reached the limits in terms of knowledge. I needed to explore a new and promising environment,” says Florian.

Florian was not familiar with Le Wagon before making his decision to switch careers. However, after discussing his career change with a friend who regularly recruits people from this program, his interest was piqued. Intrigued by his friend’s positive feedback, Florian began exploring the opportunities offered by Le Wagon.

When he joined Le Wagon, Florian had high expectations for the program. He wanted to acquire a strong coding foundation and develop advanced technical skills. Not only were his expectations met, but they were even exceeded. The program provided him with the knowledge and tools he needed for a successful career transition. “The bootcamp definitely lived up to its promises,” affirms Florian.

A Warm and Collaborative Environment

In addition to technical learning, Florian was impressed by the warm and collaborative atmosphere on campus. Students and teachers were all highly engaged and eager to help each other. “The atmosphere is fantastic but intense. Everyone is supportive, and there was a lot of teamwork, both from the teachers and other students,” shares Florian.

Le Wagon bootcamp enabled Florian to develop more than just technical skills. He discovered that “anything is possible in the world of coding!” This realization opened new perspectives and gave him the confidence to pursue his professional goals.

Transition Within His Current Company

After graduating, Florian began his job search and was fortunate to be hired by his current company as a developer, just a month and a half after completing the bootcamp. He acknowledges that without this opportunity, the job search could have been more challenging. According to him, this highlights the importance of anticipating post-bootcamp steps and actively preparing for the job market.

Today, Florian holds the position of a full-stack developer within the same optical company that hired him. He particularly enjoys the constant discovery in this field. “That’s what I love the most about web development,” adds Florian.

Florian’s experience with Le Wagon has been so positive that he highly recommends the bootcamp to those seeking a career change.

“Especially that I now have a new profession, the bootcamp experience is incredible. However, one should carefully consider the post-bootcamp path before diving in,” he advises.

For Florian, Le Wagon was the gateway to a rewarding and exciting career in web development, and he encourages others to seize this opportunity for change and professional growth.


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