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Anwar and Sebas join the tech world, you’re going to love their story

Discover the story of Anwar and Seba, each of them with different backgrounds, but with one thing in common: their passion for tech
Anwar has a background in Mechanical Civil Engineering and after working as a Process Engineer in a construction company he decided to turn his life around completely and take a Web Development Bootcamp with the best.  For Anwar, the world of startups was what most dazzled him about Le Wagon, the fact that we have 101 startups created by Alumni and that have raised more than $851 million dollars, led him to learn about the tools that can bring him closer to the future of your dreams. As it can happen to many of us, I felt that I had many ideas, but I needed the practical tools to be able to materialize them. It was for this reason that he decided to go to work at U-Zave, a micro-savings Fintech, as a Product Owner, where he will also be able to put into practice two of his great passions: programming and the start-up world.  The learning doesn't end after the bootcamp, and your desire to create value will only increase  On the other hand, Seba, with his Business Administration background from the University of Stockholm, wanted to join Le Wagon because of its large international community, and once the Bootcamp is over, Le Wagon doesn't end!  What Seba likes the most is learning and facing new challenges, he wanted to get into the tech world because he knows that this dynamic world would make him fall in love, even more so if he can mix it with sustainability, one of his passions! Our Alumni are constantly stretching their minds to keep up with the latest developments in programming and development. We teach Ruby at bootcamp (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL for databases, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, UX/UI design, and more), but this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We realized that our graduates are hungry for knowledge, learning things like React, Java, Python once they're done, and even going into C++, Haskell and Go. The Le Wagon Alumni channel on Slack is where we share resources, knowledge, jobs, social events and much more — you'll be a part of the community for life.  Le Wagon can help you change your life, and the job opportunities dazzle
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