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Balancing motherhood and career growth with an online bootcamp

Marina, mother of three boys, was 31 when she made the decision to invest in her professional growth through an online bootcamp despite the challenges of parenthood.
Marina Borges alumni Le Wagon

Originally from Brazil, Marina moved to England in 2017 before settling in France. Her background in Mechatronic Engineering took a backseat as she prioritized raising her family. However, Marina’s desire for personal fulfillment and mental well-being led her to explore new opportunities, ultimately leading her to the world of programming and the decision to enroll in Le Wagon’s online part-time bootcamp.

The Decision to Study Online

Marina’s life took a turn when she became a mother, prompting her to put her career aspirations on hold. Despite her background in engineering, she found herself longing for a sense of purpose beyond motherhood. Recognizing the importance of maintaining her mental health, Marina sought a path that would allow her to balance her role as a mother with personal and professional growth. It was this realization that drove her to consider studying through an online bootcamp.


I feel housewives who don’t have a profession as a background or can’t work anymore because of the crazy routine, can be a trigger for their mental health.
So one day I decided to dedicate part of my life as a mum and housewife to myself and conquer something for me and started to think about everything that I like to do and then I concluded that I really love this world of programming and with three kids and there routine wasn’t really easy to find something that I could be committed without affect the routine of my family.


The online learning experience

Transitioning to online learning wasn’t easy for Marina. Initially, she felt isolated and overwhelmed by the new environment. However, when she started collaborating with fellow students everything changed. Teaming up with Ana, proved to be a turning point, as they supported each other through the challenges and celebrated their victories together.


Since we started to work together my whole difficult and everything started to fade because I felt like I could discuss what we learned and we could cover something that each other didn’t understand.

Part time format

Marina opted for the part-time format of the bootcamp to accommodate her responsibilities as a mother. Despite the time constraints, she found the interaction with teachers through the help desk, live code sessions, and the online forum to be invaluable. These resources not only provided guidance but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration that made her journey more enjoyable and rewarding.

Advice for prospecting students

Reflecting on her experience, Marina emphasizes the importance of commitment, utilizing available resources, and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. We also asked her what she would say to those people over 30 who are scared of making the change?


I totally understand this feeling, something uncertain as starting a new career or anything else is something too risky. But I feel like being on a routine that is not taking you anywhere is worse! I always think that the ” what if ” thing in our life is where our regrets live so I think it’s worth trying. What could happen is that you will gain experience in something that you won’t do again.


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