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From Philosophy to Web Development

Learn about Houzair's experience with Le Wagon. Houzair succesfully changed his career path from Philosophy to Web Development with Le Wagon. He is living proof that with motivation and the right attitude, anyone can change their career!

Hello Houzair, could you please introduce yourself?

Houzair, 25, Front-End Engineer who loves good food, gardening, reading and coding. On that note, I’m currently reading A Bend In The River by V.S. Naipaul and my favourite programming language is TypeScript 

Can you tell us about your background before you learned how to code?

I was a Philosophy undergraduate who specialized in Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics. It was a highly abstract and theoretical world but I really enjoyed its analytic complexity and how it pushed my creativity to its limits. 

What was you main goal upon joining Le Wagon?

I wanted to explore the exciting world of tech and, eventually, work for a Software Engineering company (which I’m currently doing). I also saw coding as an opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge in Logic in order to solve practical problems. 

Can you tell us about your experience going through the Bootcamp?

 Two words: Intense & Fun. The Bootcamp goes at a breath-taking pace. I only felt its intensity in hindsight. That’s because I was having so much fun learning and building stuff. One day I was building a minesweeper game from scratch and another day, it was a live-chat app. 

Can you tell us about your expectations and goals when you first joined Le Wagon?

Learning was definitely the main goal. I also looked forward to building a network of like-minded tech enthusiasts. And I was not disappointed. Not only did I understand the magic behind the simplest to the most complex web pages, I was also able to share my enthusiasm with my batch mates. 

Looking back at your experience at the Bootcamp, how did it help you get to where you are now?

 The coding knowledge obviously helped but the most important thing is the “Wagon Spirit”. To me, it’s a way of work where we’re always pushing ourselves to build, build and build while helping each other out. We’re constantly sharing ideas, and encouraging each other.  

How was your experience finding a new position in a completely different field?

 Quite comfortable. The Mauritian tech community is open and welcoming. There are opportunities mushrooming everywhere - from Mauritian start-ups to multinational tech companies. 

What's your favorite thing about working in Tech?

 It never gets boring- there’s something new everyday. It’s a highly immersive and interesting experience. I’m continuously being challenged and I’m loving it. 

Now that you're working at Hangar Worldwide. Can you tell us about your day to day job?

I am part of an amazing, helpful and friendly team. Everyday, we work with the latest cutting-edge technologies and on projects for the world’s most iconic brands. I’m constantly learning from my team-mates and having fun doing so. I love my job! 

Do you have any final advice for someone who's looking into joining the Le Wagon community?

 Stay curious and just get in the bandwagon. You’ll learn so much about tech and even yourself. You’ll have the means to code your wildest ideas. You’ll join an open, amazing and welcoming world-wide family! 
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