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Sébastien: A successful career transition to web development

In 2023, Sébastien made the decision to enroll in Le Wagon's intensive web development bootcamp, drawn in by the program's reputation and the commitment to swiftly acquire solid technical skills…

Sébastien Fournier’s professional journey has been marked by a range of varied experiences in the field of technology. Beginning in  2015, he began his foray into tech by immersing himself in online marketing, quickly mastering the intricacies of SEO and web tool creation.

He continued his journey when he became a partner in a fitness company in Quebec, where he played a crucial role in reorganizing operations and integrating new softwares.

Although he employed no-code tools, he felt constrained by his skill set and desired to enhance his learning.

“I constantly found myself piecing together software, engaging in tasks that were more complex than necessary,” he explains.

In 2023, Sébastien made the decision to enroll in Le Wagon’s intensive web development bootcamp, drawn in by the program’s reputation and the commitment to swiftly acquire solid technical skills…


Community and networking

Throughout his time at Le Wagon, Sébastien was captivated by the intensity and complete immersion into the realm of web development. The two months of rigorous training not only equipped him with new skills but also fostered strong connections with both classmates and instructors.

The program’s standout feature? The community. Sébastien explains,“the highs and lows, the stress – it all brings you closer together.” Engaging in organized activities and getting to know fellow cohort members almost felt akin to “starting a new life in a new city!”

Sébastien also had the opportunity to participate in Career Week, organized by the school. Career Week provides students with the chance to fine-tune their personal brand in preparation for interviews.

Sébastien appreciated the effort invested in crafting his CV during Career Week. It was then that he understood the importance of “learning how to sell yourself for the post-bootcamp journey.” During these events, Sébastien engaged in conversations with developers discussing their jobs, creating a highly enriching experience for him.


The importance of continuous learning

After getting his certification, Sébastien continued learning on his own. “I wanted to learn a different coding language from the ones I’d learned at school, because I could see that most of the jobs I was most interested in required it.”

As a new developer, Sébastien has preferred to focus on quality rather than quantity, and only applied for jobs that really motivated him.

Eventually, he landed a job as a Full Stack developer at Kimoby, focusing on crafting software solutions for car dealers. His satisfaction in the company is palpable; he revels in collaborative team dynamics, the thrill of problem-solving, and the daily acquisition of new knowledge.

He underscores the significance of continuous learning in a developer’s role, stating, “Web development is a perpetually evolving field, demanding staying abreast of the latest technologies and best practices. The ongoing learning process is not only intrinsic but also what adds zest to the job,” he concludes.


Be ready to give your best

As a bootcamp alumni, Sébastien recommends Le Wagon to anyone considering a career in web development. However, he issues a cautionary note about the program’s intensity and demands.

“I definitely recommend Le Wagon to those who want to learn web development, but you have to be ready for the intensity of the experience. It’s a program that requires a lot of effort; you have to give 100%, but the results are worth it,” he advises.

Sébastien goes on to highlight that the program offers a part-time option, acknowledging, “If you have other commitments in your life, such as a job or a family to manage, there’s flexibility to accommodate your schedule.”

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