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Jaemin: rekindling the passion for coding

Can a CS graduate benefit from a coding bootcamp? An extra dose of motivation and focus placed on practical aspects of programming can be a great addition to theoretical knowledge. Meet Jaemin, one of Le Wagon Oslo alumni who currently works as Information Technology and Services Consultant at DNB, Norway's largest financial services group.
After graduating from Brunel University in London, Jaemin felt that he lacked practical experience in programming. He got an internship in an Oslo-based startup, but when it ended he knew he had to find a way to gain motivation and confidence to further develop as a programmer. That’s when he found out about Le Wagon’s Web Development Course in Oslo.
I expected that Le Wagon would provide us with an environment where we could fully focus on coding and understand in-depth how frontend and  backend click together. I hoped that I would gain back my passion for coding and a habit of programming every day. I can gladly say that all my expectations were met during the course.
Our full-time coding bootcamp lasts 9 weeks. During the first phase of the course, students are encouraged to work in pairs. It is a great way to stay focused and motivated, test yourself and prepare for the final group project. Jaemin points out the importance of the buddy system for the whole concept of the bootcamp.
What I really enjoyed during the course, was a dynamic learning environment. Every day you work with a different person from the group, your “buddy for the day”. Together you try to get through challenges, you help each other and celebrate the achievements. I feel that the buddy system not only boosts your learning, but it also builds up a good relationship between you and your classmates.
After the Demo Day and all the celebration, it is time to get back to reality. At Le Wagon we always stress the importance of using the bootcamp momentum in the first weeks after graduation. In other words: don’t stop coding! Jaemin used the time after the course to recap and broaden the knowledge he gained. He also took the necessary steps to enter the job market.
I updated my CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to apply for jobs. There were ups and downs along the way but I kept applying and learning along the way. I have done multiples interviews before landing a job, and it taught me a lot.

Soon after graduation Jaemin got a job at DNB, Norway’s largest financial institution.

I am currently working at a bank where we are dealing with large scale data using SQL and Excel. I am also learning C# and I am taking part in developing a data analysis display tool where you can easily retrieve, compare and modify data.
Looking back at the course, Jaemin underlines that it is natural to feel overwhelmed during the bootcamp. The most important thing is not to lose your spirit and the reward will come along the way. 
Yes, it is difficult and hard even for me who has a degree in CS. You may not get it at one go, but soon enough everything will come together. So don’t be discouraged, keep pushing yourself and trust the process!
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