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5 reasons why you should hire Le Wagon alumni

Every founder and recruiter knows that finding a great employee who delivers value, fits the culture, knows how to collaborate, and has the right skills is not at all an easy task.
We also know this at Le Wagon. That’s why we make sure to recruit the most motivated talent to join our bootcamps, and we support them getting ready for the market once they finish our programs. If you’re looking for talent right now, here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring our graduates.

 1. Our graduates are challenge-driven 

Our bootcamps are fast-paced. From day one and throughout our courses, web development and data science students are introduced to complex concepts and trained to solve challenging problems. 

One thing you can be sure of : they are not afraid of hard problems. They face them as learning opportunities and actually manage to have some fun! 

"The bootcamp was everything but easy, yet regardless of how demanding it was, they succeeded. They now bring this “can-do” attitude learned at Le Wagon to Sollum." Patrick, CEO Sollum, hired three Le Wagon graduates.

2. They know how to collaborate in teams (and they love it)

In the two last weeks of our programs, students deliver function applications from scratch, using the team development workflow and collaboration tools such as github. They are also introduced to Agile and scrum methodology for communication and task sharing. This last sprint is the most exciting time of bootcamp where students will apply their newly acquired skills in a real-time project, creating a web application or a data product.

“The bootcamp also focuses on soft-skills: curiosity, open-mindedness, creativity, and problem solving, which in my opinion, is even more important than coding.” Eric, IT director at Surmesur, hired four alumni.

3. They have diverse backgrounds and a wide skill set

The vast majority of our students are professionals coming from different backgrounds with one thing in common : a strong motivation to learn. Aside from their past experiences as marketing managers, project managers, designers, sales experts and so much more, they are curious, taking this huge step to learn web development or data science to extend or switch their careers. Motivation is something they DO have A LOT OF!

“What we like the most about Le Wagon's alumni is that they have the "grit" and we don't find those qualities often.” Héloïse, Ubisoft, hired one alumni.

4. They adapt fast

Our bootcamps combine hard and soft skills. Amongst themselves, students learn how to quickly adapt to use new tools, methodologies, processes and ways of thinking. As with everyone else in the world, the pandemic gave us the opportunity to test and train our own abilities to adapt even faster to different situations. Since last April, we have been running remote and hybrid batches. All our students have demonstrated a great attitude, collaborating and working excellently with their remote buddies. They  have been willing to adapt and learn even under difficult circumstances, a must-have skill today. 

“My job is remote, so building the habits I did during the bootcamp, such as self-managing and self-motivating myself, helped me stick to a productive routine every day.” Solene, alumna hired by Webistry after graduating in June 2020.

5. They are passionate about what they do

The future of work is all about that passion : the ability to keep learning because you truly care about what you do. There is no better investment than someone who is passionate about their job.

“It is always inspiring to meet such ambitious and passionate people with absolutely amazing backgrounds” : Divya, recruiter at Alayacare who participated in our last career week events.

Curious about what they learn at the bootcamp ?

Web development
From the database to the user interface, students learn all the skills of a Software Developer and code their own web applications from scratch. Included in the program : Programming Basics, SQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Figma, Github & Product development and UI UX best practices.

Data Science
From Python to advanced Machine Learning models, students get all the skills needed to join a Data Science team. Included in the program : Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Decision Science, Data Engineering and projects.

Now you must be wondering : how can I get in touch with them ? 

You can meet our graduates at the following events:

Demo Days 
VIP event for recruiters & founders: 
Coffee breaks with our graduates : Next March 18, 2021

Book your ticket for each event and we will get in touch with you.
If you have job openings or would like to become a hiring partner, let us know here.
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