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Embark on a transformative journey with Le Wagon's Career Services. From personalized coaching to tech job placement assistance, discover how we equip you with the skills and connections to thrive in the dynamic world of technology.
Le Wagon career services

Alongside Marig, the Head of Careers at Le Wagon, and her dedicated team, we invite you to dive into Le Wagon’s transformative career services tailored to get you ready to land a job in tech. This blog post offers insights into the comprehensive support and resources provided by Le Wagon, empowering individuals to navigate the challenges of the tech world. From personalized coaching to our network of 1000+ hiring partners, our career services are here to help you succeed in the dynamic tech industry.

Understanding the challenge

“At Le Wagon, our main objective is to empower you with the skills, connections and support to succeed in the tech world” says Marig. The reality is that the world of tech is ever-changing and can be a challenge to navigate. Le Wagon’s dedicated team is here to help you navigate this ever-evolving world, supporting you along the way via various resources. The team is committed to helping individuals overcome challenges and thrive in this dynamic industry.

Le Wagon’s comprehensive career services

Upon completing a tech bootcamp, Le Wagon’s career services become a strategic advantage. Abigail, a Careers Lead at Le Wagon says, “The aim of our career services here at Le Wagon is to ensure that all of our students are the best prepared possible, whatever their next career path will be. Be it finding a job, starting a new company or becoming a freelancer.”

With one-on-one coaching, lectures to fit your various goals, networking events, workshops, and technical tasks, you’re sure to be the best prepared possible. The career services are available to student during and after their studies with Le Wagon, setting them on a path to long-term success.

Developing soft skills for tech careers

Abigail also emphasizes the importance of soft skills in addition to technical expertise. Le Wagon focuses on shaping not just hard skills, but future tech leaders with effective communication and teamwork skills.

Building trust and long-term relationships

Beyond job placements, Le Wagon fosters trust and lasting connections within its community. Alumni thriving in prominent companies testify to the enduring success of Le Wagon’s approach. Marig emphasizes that with these soft skills, “we expect that alumni will be able to work in teams or in positions where they will be client facing,” a common occurrence for our over 25,000 alumni worldwide.

Launch your tech career today

For those seeking a life-changing experience in the tech industry, Le Wagon’s career services stand as the launchpad. Empowering individuals with skills, connections, and support, Le Wagon is committed to turning tech dreams into reality.



In the realm of tech, Le Wagon’s career services, guided by Marig and her team, stand as a comprehensive solution. Navigating challenges, providing support, and building lasting success are at the core of this exciting journey. As individuals embark on their tech careers, Le Wagon is there to be a trusted guide.


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