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Kick-start your freelancer career in Sweden after a Coding Bootcamp

How to land a dream job after attending a coding bootcamp? That’s the most asked question for all students when applying. When changing your life and career, deciding to enroll for a 9-weeks experience to join the tech industry, you might encounter hard feelings such as fear, uncertainty, and doubts... So, how about freelancing?
Among the career paths that will be presented to you, one of them is freelancing. Cambridge Dictionary defines freelancing as doing particular pieces of work for different organizations, rather than working all the time for a single organization.
The benefits of choosing a freelance career? You might already have reflected on them. Freedom, flexibility, financial independence, it’s basically being your own boss, hence bearing the profits, but also bearing the risks: lack of reliability, balancing between personal and professional life, no employer benefits… It’s indeed a career path that will double your uncertainty, but also double your excitement and discoveries. 

In Sweden, the culture is more set for stable jobs. Indeed, there is a tendency among Swedes to be “very risk-averse and long-term planners.” Yet, the trend is shifting and the entrepreneurial culture is refreshing and stimulating the young crowds, more than before. The attraction of the country to international professionals is also making things change considerably. 

In 2018, Eurostat was reporting that 48 % of self-employed people in Sweden are 'highly satisfied with their current jobs. 
So what if you’re interested in freelancing but are not sure about the opportunities the local market has to offer you? Here is a suggestion from us. We recently met and discovered Gigway - a Stockholm-based freelancer platform matching companies with specialists within media, marketing, design, and tech. If you’re wondering what is the value of Gigway compared to all the others you already know? We believe that they are starting with a very good understanding of the Nordic market, Gigway is definitely more suited to bring you the opportunities you need on the Swedish market! As more than 3000 freelancers have decided to join their community, there is definitely a spot for you. 

In addition to the flexibility it offers, the platform also enables you to chat with companies, send price offers, e-sign contracts and reports in the app.

For you, freelancer or interested in pursuing a freelance career after our bootcamps, here are some insights to address the concerns you may have before registering on the platform:
- You don’t need to have your own company to get gigs from the platform. An option exists so you can be employed by Gigway. How cool is that?!
- You set your preferred salary and can negotiate it with the company for every gig you take.
- Though Gigway is a Swedish company and focuses on the local market, you can get gigs everywhere in the world: onsite-gigs and remote, depending on customer, project, and timing.

Gigway App
Developers in here, companies are currently looking for front end developers, skilled in Responsive Design, Javascript, CSS, HTML; but also back end developers, with competencies in a performance optimization or application lifecycle. 
Designers, it seems that the local market is in need of UX/UI designers: product designers, user researchers, prototypers, and a lot of other talents. 
If the bootcamp drove you to a more Marketing, analytics-oriented career, there are opportunities for you too: social media, SEO/SEM, growth hacking. Pick & Choose! 

If you’re still hesitant about your career but want to start building your portfolio and are in for a challenge after graduating from our bootcamps, it seems like Gigway is the perfect fit for you! A few clicks away, and here you are, young, wild & free, ready to start a new career in the tech industry on the Swedish market! 

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