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From space designer at IKEA to UX/UI Designer

Après plusieurs années en tant que Designer d'espace chez IKEA, Tiffany avait pour rêve de devenir UX designer. Elle s'est lancée dans le programme web fullstack du Wagon Nantes en espérant commencer en tant que développeuse front-end. La voici propulsée UX Designer en sortie de bootcamp.

What brought you to join Le Wagon bootcamp in Nantes?

I'm from Nantes suburbs, that's for the geography. Regarding Le Wagon, I've made a lot of research because I wanted to become a UI/UX Designer. So I questionned my relatives and I found out that there were UX Designers.

They told me to follow a developer curriculum because it's nice to learn a new job but it's even better if you know how to work within a team, how to collaborate together, how the “tech is working” and why we can't just do something in the twinking of an eye, etc.
With an artistic background, Tifanny thought that Tech would be a match
So I said to myself: OK, Le Wagon seems cool! I continued my research because coding is quite a sturdy topic that is not meant to everyone, that is not meant for me with an artistic background… I had some doubts. I watched Benjamin Code on YouTube. He followed his brother that attented Le Wagon bootcamp. His brother also has an artistic background so I thought: if he can do it, so do I!

What did you do after Le Wagon?

It went super fast. During the last week, we had the Career Week and a certification to pass at the same time. On Wednesday, I met the person that would ultimately hire me. On Thursday, I passed the certification. On Friday, I had a hiring meeting and by the end of the day, I had a new job as UX Designer!

Do you like your new job?

In my whole life, I didn't think a job could be so cool!

Every day my job is getting better and better, beyond what I could imagine in fact.

How things you learned at Le Wagon help you in your job?

I don't use the technical background I've learned at Le Wagon because that's not my job. Today, I'm a designer in a startup which develops an application to help people suffering from Alzheimer to keep their autonomy. 

Every day I work with developers and thanks to what I've learned, it's way easier to communicate with them.

I work on the design of the interface and on all the supports and platforms that we build. I'm the one in charge of the visual idientity. So, it's not directly related to what I've learned during my bootcamp.

That being said, I work every day with developers and I need to understand their constraints. It's way easier to communicate with them because we share the same tech language. By understanding their constraints, I take a step towards them and that creates emulation.
Thanks to the bootcamp, Tiffany has the right language to communicate with tech teams

Any advice for the ones interested to join Le Wagon?

Don't limit yourself. There will be great people around you at Le Wagon. There's always someone to help your with your learning.

Besides, there is not just one form of learning; you can be faster on some things and less on others. The first week I was like "I'm stupid, I don't understand anything, I can't do it", but it was actually just getting started. The teachers are also there to give us confidence.

And you have to hang in there, because in the end, you get there, and you do amazing things!
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