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Discover what the 48 first Alumni in Lausanne became

Voici en toute transparence le parcours des 48 premiers Alumni du Wagon à Lausanne après avoir terminé leur bootcamp.

12 became developers

Nathan, Full-Stack developer at Tayo. Nathan was a cook ‍ before finding his passion for coding. A week after the bootcamp he found a job as a developer thanks to a networking event organized on our campus. He is now working at Tayo.

Sinan, Full-Stack developer at WaveMind. After the bootcamp Sinan did an internship with the web agency WaveMind as full-stack developer. Curious to discover other Tech roles, he later joined as a Product Owner. While the experience provided him with great insights, he decided to re-join WaveMind as a Full-Stack developer. 

Iris, Front-End developer at Antistatique. After the bootcamp, Iris did an internship at TieTalent as a Web Developer using the synergies between the companies sharing the MassChallenge ecosystem in Renens. After 1 year working with TieTalent, she switched and now works at the web agency Antistatique as a Junior Front-End developer.

Nicolas, Web Developer Intern at Jobtv Medienwerkstatt. Nicolas worked as a graphic designer before discovering coding. After the bootcamp, he continued to learn and followed a training in Zurich He now works as a Web developer Intern at JobTV combining his different skills. 

Matthieu, Software developer at Techwan. Matthieu went back to his previous company to work as a Software Dev. During his free time, Matthieu keeps developing applications around his hobbies (Fab Lab, Hockey, etc.).

Lauriane, Front-End Engineer & Designer at Tayo. Lauriane studied Design and has a Bachelor in Visual Communication. She found her place as a Front-End developer at Tayo thanks to networking with previous Alumni

James, Data-Science Engineer at NeoInstinct. Adventurer and former truck driver James kept on learning new technologies after Le Wagon. He is now working as a Data Scientist thanks to a connection established between his employer and Le Wagon in Lausanne.

Hugo, Full-Stack dev at Alogo. Former professional sportsman in horse riding. Hugo launched his product after Le Wagon and is also working as an intern at Alogo, a company he met during an event on the campus.

Giovanni, Freelance Full-Stack Developer in Geneva. After Le Wagon, Giovanni first did an internship and kept on learning new technologies like React, a coding language he now uses freelancing everyday in his job.

Cataline, Teacher at Le Wagon in Lausanne. Cataline shares her time between a project with Alessandro, another alumnus and teaching at Le Wagon .

Lea, Web Developer Intern at Radio Vostok. Lea did some TAing in Lausanne after her bootcamp and then found an intern position by applying online.

Mateusz, Full-Stack developer in Real Estate. Mateusz first did an internship in a startup company in Lausanne before signing a web dev contract for a few month in the world of real estate agencies.

7 now work in a Tech related role

Carole, Digital Transformation Consultant for a big consulting firm in Geneva. Carole uses her new Tech skills on a daily basis to help her customers switch to digital. She got hunted on linkedin for this job.

Nicoleta, Digital Project Manager at Quadrigis. Nicoleta used her 10+ years of experience in HR to get a job as Digital Project Manager in a HR software company in Yverdon. She found her job before the end of the bootcamp

Albert, Data Analytics Executive at Philip Morris. Albert had 10 years of experience as an M&A consultant and in-house financial analyst. He joined le Wagon to explore the feasibility of a few ideas and expand his knowledge of programming. After Le Wagon, he joined PMI as a Data Analyst.

François, Technology and Innovation leader at Merck Group. After Le Wagon François continued working on his startup idea and also launched a podcast. Big fan of innovation he now works as a leader in innovation for a pharmaceutical company.

Clara, Web & UX designer at ISO. Clara completed her master’s degree at CREA in digital marketing. Interested in UX design, she wanted to learn how to code to complete her profile ‍ and build an instagram bot. She now works for ISO as UX & Web designer, job she found applying directly online.

Hélène, Analyst at Cottos Food Innovation. After completing her bachelor’s degree at EHL, Hélène worked in a Hotel Real Estate company. Passionate about technology, she did Le Wagon to gain technical skills. She now works in a Foodtech Fund as an Analyst.

Alexandra, Digital marketing & Social media at Ski Service. After le Wagon Alexandra started a new job in Digital Marketing  

5 went back to their previous company with new skills

Marielle, Junior Automation Manager at Home HT. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Amsterdam, Marielle wanted to learn how to code in order to bridge the gap between IT and business. She now works as Automation Manager for Home HT a company she already did an internship at. 

Nicholas, IT Engineer at Oracle. Nicolas worked as an Internal Tech Support at Oracle and got his bootcamp financed by his company to make him a better professional. 

Blaise, E-commerce Manager at Hamilton. After 4 years as a E-commerce Manager, Blaise asked his bosses ⌚️ to do Le Wagon in order to facilitate his communication with his dev colleagues.

Michèle, Graphic designer at Up to You. Michèle joined Le Wagon to complete her graphic design profile with a touch of coding.

Gieri, Freelance Graphic Designer. Senior graphic designer, illustrator & art director. He opened his own independent office and is now able to work also on the coding part for his clients ‍ ‍  

3 Entrepreneurs

Aloïs built a Fitness Pass app that allows you to book activities from several fitness rooms. She is also leveraging the Alumni network as she is looking for a developer position after moving to France

Justine is building her entrepreneurial project with the motto Zero Waste ♻️ She has also been TAing (Teacher Assistant) for the some batches.

Philippe is focusing on his Tech startup, a platform where outstanding candidates are assessed by recognized Industry Leaders

7 went back to their studies ‍ ‍

Loïc, Freelance and Biology & IT student in Neuchâtel. Loïc is already a good step ahead of his comrades on the computer science aspect. Lately, he shared his experience at Le Wagon Lausanne.

Alexandre, student at Amsterdam University. After an eventful gap year, Alexander will be studying economics at the University of Amsterdam. 

Simon, student at University of Lausanne. Simon first studied law and economics at the University of Lausanne before moving to sport science studies. He was curious about learning how to code and explore an idea related to sports. 

Emilie, student at University of Geneva. Emilie will consolidate her knowledge in web and is following part-time courses at the Medialab in Geneva.

Anthony, student at University of Yverdon. After completing his apprenticeship in architecture, Anthony decided to pursue other studies in media engineering. Before starting his first year, he joined le Wagon to get a better understanding of how websites are built and managed. 

John-John, student at University of Amsterdam. Always interested in coding, John-John joined Le Wagon to consolidate his coding knowledge. He will be starting his first year at university in September to study economics.

Maxime, student in Japan. Maxime is a big fan of the Japanese culture and decided to continue studying Tech in the geekiest country

7 are still searching ⏳

Alessandro, Xavier, Arthur, Cécile, Ejdat, Georgina and Sébastien are still searching or took non tech related jobs. Stay tuned for upcoming news

7 girls did our pilot program in Zurich

Sue, Joyce, Maria, Penina, Elisabeth, Juliana and Patricia are the 7 women who studied in our first batch in Zurich. They are part of a specific program to promote more girls in tech. The program consists of Le Wagon coding bootcamp and an internship in web dev right after. They are completing their internship right now and on the right path to change career. 

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