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About a personal changed-life experience: become a Junior Software Engineer with Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp

Find out about my trajectory at Le Wagon bootcamp
Precisely one month behind, I finished the classes and meetings in Le Wagon, the coding bootcamp I chose to improve my coding skills.

It was not an easy way, but it was an incredible opportunity to believe I could learn something new if I put effort into it. As they say, “guys, when you follow the method, you get the result” (and they were right).

During the course, I could take the hand of helpful teachers who showed me how to find a way when it was getting hard. I am a person who loves learning about new topics, so it was q spectacular time being among other people that want to become software developers.

During the coding bootcamp, the most challenging task was building from scratch a web application in a group project. Besides Guilherme Diniz , Rodolfo Campos e and Rodrigo Martins , we created the”Ez2schedule”: a site where people that are learning how to code could schedule with other professionals that have experience in different code languages and techniques.

As a web developer beginners, we believe it would help many people who prefer learning with one-to-one contact instead of video classes, for example. We put some excellent tools on our app, such as video calls and chat messages (both users communicating in real-time). It was a lovely experience of group projects and code learning.

In 2022, I started a path that I have wanted since 2019, but life has phases, and I chose to wait to make it a reality. When I felt it was the time, I just moved from Porto Alegre to
Sao Paulo to enjoy everything the opportunity could give me (and it was an excellent choice).

Nowadays, as a Jr. Software Developer, Le Wagon was my first big step as a coding professional but not the last. Thank you, Le Wagon, for teaching me and showing me that I can achieve my goals as a coding professional, the feeling of being part of it was amazing!
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