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Albane’s Career Leap into Tech

Albane's career evolution—from BBC production to fintech developer and beyond—shows how Le Wagon's hands-on learning approach can open doors into the world of tech.
Albane, Le Wagon Web Development alumni

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, career transitions are becoming increasingly common. Albane’s story is a testament to the fact that anyone, armed with the right skills and determination, can pivot their career and thrive in the tech industry. In this blog post, we’ll dive into Albane’s inspiring journey from being a BBC Production Coordinator to becoming a successful Product Marketing Manager, thanks to her experience with Le Wagon’s Web Development bootcamp.


Before Le Wagon

Before embarking on her tech journey, Albane moved to London, UK, for her university studies in music management and business. After completing her MBA, she found herself working as a Production Coordinator at the BBC. However, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted her career path, leading her to reevaluate her goals and explore new opportunities.

“During Covid, all nonessential production shut down, and I had a lot of time to myself. I started coding on my own with several resources available online. After several months, I realized that I liked coding in theory, but I had no idea of what it was like to work within a team. So, I decided to enroll in a bootcamp to learn properly and to work on real projects. I chose Le Wagon among other bootcamps for its reputation, it’s great campus, and the network available after the bootcamp,” Albane shared.


Albane’s Le Wagon experience

Le Wagon’s unique teaching approach centres around learning by doing. Students spend the majority of their time working on real-world projects. Albane adds, “this helped me to understand the concepts we were learning and to apply them immediately. The bootcamp also emphasized teamwork and collaboration, which were essential skills to learn as a developer.”

Albane acknowledges the challenges of grasping complex concepts. However, Le Wagon’s approach to hands-on projects played a significant role in her understanding of JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and other programming languages. By tackling numerous exercises, she was able to master concepts that initially seemed daunting. This learning methodology has allowed her to adapt to new languages quickly, a skill that Albane uses throughout her new career path.


Applying tech skills in the real world

Upon graduating, Albane’s career took a tech-focused turn as she landed her first role as a Fullstack Developer at a fintech company. Her prior experience with JavaScript projects at Le Wagon proved invaluable, helping her complete her first projects swiftly.

“My first role was Fullstack developer for a fintech company, and one of my first tasks was to build a currency converter like you can find in Wise, thanks to several projects done on JavaScript at Le Wagon I was able to have it working in no time,” Albane proudly shared.

In the ever-evolving tech industry, staying current with developments and trends is essential. Albane actively participates in tech communities, subscribes to newsletters, and attends conferences. This commitment to perpetual learning has broadened her knowledge, from Kubernetes to Cloud providers, and fueled her career growth.


Albane’s career advancement

Le Wagon equipped Albane with two fully-fledged projects on her GitHub, providing a valuable showcase for potential employers. Additionally, her experience with pair programming interviews during the bootcamp prepared her for coding assessments during recruitment.

Her journey continued as she joined Qovery, a Cloud Infrastructure Platform. Recognizing the importance of Cloud Infrastructure in her role, she embarked on a continuous learning journey, reading extensively, seeking mentorship, and understanding the intricacies of platform engineering.


Tips for future students

To make the most of their Le Wagon experience and subsequent learning journey, Albane offers the following advice:

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask questions – There are no “dumb” questions in tech.
  2. Get involved in the community – Le Wagon’s community offers valuable support and learning opportunities.
  3. Continue learning after graduation – The bootcamp is just the beginning of your tech learning journey. Keep growing and evolving.



Albane’s transformation from a BBC production coordinator to a Product Marketing Manager in the tech industry is a testament to her determination, Le Wagon’s effective teaching methodology, and her commitment to perpetual learning. Her story serves as an inspiration to anyone considering a career switch and showcases how Le Wagon alumni are equipped with the skills and adaptability needed to excel in diverse roles within the tech world.

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