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How Le Wagon helped Lauranne land a Data Analyst job at one of the Big Four

Discover how a master's degree in finance led Lauranne to Le Wagon and ultimately to a career as a Data Analyst in the financial industry. Learn about her experience at Le Wagon, her transition into the tech sector, and her advice for those interested in becoming Data Analysts.
Hi Lauranne, what did you do before joining Le Wagon?

Before attending Le Wagon, I had recently graduated with a master’s degree in Finance and Financial Marketing.

What made you want to learn how to code?

I became interested in the tech world during an internship, and I quickly realized that learning to code was necessary. Moreover, it was an opportunity to combine my expertise in two fields that I am passionate about: tech and finance.

Had you already started learning how to code?

No, I had no experience except for working with spreadsheets.

What motivated you to work in the tech sector?

Several factors motivated me to work in the tech sector. Firstly, I have an entrepreneurial mindset, which runs in my family. I enjoy creating new things, and learning to code satisfied this need. Secondly, the tech industry is dynamic and constantly evolving, which I find exciting.

Why did you choose to join Le Wagon?

I chose Le Wagon primarily because of its international reputation. Also, I appreciated the idea of learning through an intensive 9-week bootcamp. I don’t think I would have been able to commit to a one-year program again.

How was your experience at Le Wagon?

I participated in the first remote batch in April 2020, and despite the sudden lockdown, Le Wagon managed to adapt quickly to the new circumstances. I was impressed by the school’s ability to deliver the program remotely without compromising on the quality of the training.

What do you remember/what did you learn from your experience at Le Wagon?

I learned that even a misplaced comma can ruin your day! Jokes aside, Le Wagon has a strong sense of community, and I still keep in touch with some of my fellow students. I also attend events organized by the school, such as the FoTiF club, a community of inspiring and inspired women in tech.

What did you do after the bootcamp, and how did Le Wagon help?

I joined EY straight after completing the bootcamp. EY follows the Le Wagon batches and identifies profiles that align with the company’s culture. I met one of the directors at the end of the bootcamp, which convinced me to apply at EY. Three months later, I joined EY Financial Services Organization.

Can you explain to us what a Data Analyst job at EY consists of?

As a Data Analyst in the FSO consulting, my clients are solely financial institutions. I work in a bank’s business line for a limited period, and my missions typically last around one year.

As a Data Analyst, my role is to act as an intermediary between the business and development teams. I analyze, control, and interpret the needs of both technical and business teams. I mainly control the data provided by the development team, ensuring it aligns with the business’s expectations. Additionally, I create dashboards based on the data exchanged, utilizing tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, SQL, and Python.

I also have a responsibility for security and risk management as the data received can often be sensitive, and there are several compliance policies to consider.

What advice do you have for those who want to become Data Analyst?

To become a successful Data Analyst, you need to be curious and unafraid to ask questions. As a Data Analyst, you are the liaison between the business and development teams, and the requests are handled in an Agile way. Therefore, developing your communication skills and a desire to learn from different areas of practice is crucial.

Thank you Lauranne! We wish you all the best with your tech journey

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