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How to apply for the HelloWork subsidy to learn web development or data science?

From October 2021, Le Wagon Tokyo students who enroll and meet the requirements are able to receive HelloWork reimbursement for up to 70% of their tuition fee. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply and claim your benefits!

Who is eligible for the Specialized Practice Education and Training Benefits Program (専門実践教育訓練給付金) ?

  • an applicant has been covered by employment insurance in Japan for at least 2 years (3 years if you’ve already received Education and Training benefits before) cumulatively or has lost the eligibility no more than a year prior to the start of the program.
  • an applicant has completed the application process, signed a contract and paid a deposit (⅓ of the tuition fee) for a course eligible for the Practical Education and Training Benefits Program
  • an applicant must fulfill attendance and project completion requirements for the given course

If you are eligible for the HelloWork subsidy, it is definitely worth your time and efforts. Note that the assessment interview will be done in Japanese. If you are not comfortable with Japanese, it is possible to bring a friend along who will help with the translation.

Subsidy application flow for Le Wagon students.png 143.01 KB


Step 1: Verifying your eligibility at the HelloWork office

Important: HelloWork requires applicants to finish their application for the subsidy 1 month before the course start date. 
We recommend that you start taking action at least 2 months before since the procedure might take a few days to check eligibility, have a career interview, revisit & submit documents.
While preparing documents for the initial visit to the nearest HelloWork office, you should apply in parallel for the coding bootcamp through our website, and schedule an interview with our admission manager.
Here is the list of documents required for the initial screening at the HelloWork office (in Japanese):
1 教育訓練給付金及び教育訓練支援給付金受給資格確認票(ハローワーク等で配布)
Eligibility confirmation form
This form is provided by the HelloWork office on-site. You need to fill in your personal information such as address, phone number and your insurance identification number 被保険者番号 in addition to the course details. Each bootcamp has a designated number 指定番号 and this is something you have to confirm with Le Wagon before visiting HelloWork office. 
2 ジョブ・カード(訓練前キャリアコンサルティングでの発行から1年以内のもの)
Job card
A job form is provided by the HelloWork office on-site. It requires applicants to fill out a career plan, their employment records, qualifications and licenses, education, and training in addition to their strengths and values.

Unlike the eligibility confirmation form, you do not have to fill in the job card on the same day. You can fill it at home and bring it to the next assessment round.

Job card guidance:here( Web site is in Japanese)
3 本人・住所確認書類(コピー不可)
Identity verification document
Any document with your photo that confirms your identity and current address. If you bring your My Number Card, it will be sufficient for the next checklist point as well.
4 個人番号(マイナンバー)確認書類及び身元(実在)確認書類
My Number Card
5 雇用保険被保険者証(雇用保険受給資格者証でも可)
Employment insurance certificate

Employment Insurance Certificate is a document that is usually given after the individual leaves his/her job. It is needed to prove that you have been paying your employment insurance for at least 2 years.

6 教育訓練給付適用対象期間延長通知書(適用対象期間の延長をしていた場合に必要です)
Notice of extension of period covered by the subsidy
You do not need this document if you do not have any special circumstances requiring you to extend a subsidy period. Please check with HelloWork office if you have any questions regarding this form.
7 写真2枚(最近の写真、正面上半身、縦3.0cm×横2.5cm)
Two photos 2.0cm x 2.5cm. This is not needed if you show them your My Number Card.
8 払渡希望金融機関の通帳またはキャッシュカード(郵送の場合は、金融機関名、支店名、口座番号、申請者氏名がわかる面のコピー)(一部指定できない金融機関があります)
A passbook or a cash card where you want reimbursement funds to be transferred to.
It should have your own name written on it.
9 郵送による申請(やむを得ない理由があると認められた場合に限る)の場合は、証明書などの添付書類
Main application form. You do not need to mail the forms if you visit HelloWork in person.

Step 2: Assessment interview at the HelloWork office

Once you finish the initial assessment, you should call the phone number listed in the Job Card brochure or book online to schedule your 1-hour interview with a career consultant. At that stage, you will have to bring your identity verification document and completed Job Card.
A career consultant will go over the Job Card’s contents and ask you various questions about your reasons to go through the coding bootcamp, as well as ask about your post-graduation plans. We recommend you to present a clear vision of where you see yourself in the future and how studying with Le Wagon will benefit your career.
The consultation is built to check if this path is a logical stepping stone for your career. If you can explain your reasoning to the consultant, the consultant will proceed to talking about how to plan out your career.
When you’re done with the interview on the spot, the career consultant will take notes on the back of the Job Card, and stamp approval. One more confirmation at the initial HelloWork desk might be required. Your confirmation form will be sent to your home address by mail – keep it safe until the graduation.

Step 3. Going through the bootcamp

Buckle up and prepare for an immersive learning experience with Le Wagon!

Step 4: Claiming benefits after graduation

Within a month after graduation, you will need to visit HelloWork office again to submit several documents that prove you successfully completed the course. Le Wagon Tokyo will prepare all necessary documents and hold an explanatory session – all you have to do is to bring the given documents along with your ID to the HelloWork office. It will take 30 minutes for a HelloWork employee to find your data, stamp approval and explain the procedure in case you get hired within a year and would like to receive an additional 20%( Max. 160,000 yen per year ) of the tuition fee.

Step 5: Receive your reimbursement

After 2 to 30 days, reimbursement will be transferred to your bank account. Goal accomplished!
We would like to thank our web development graduates Louis, Mai and Konstantin for sharing their experiences and providing valuable feedback that helped us build this guide! 
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