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From Recruitment and Sales Consulting to Software Engineering

Kurt is a software engineer with a passion for problem-solving and continuous learning. He shares his journey from recruitment and sales to his current role in tech consultancy, where he works on various technical projects across industries.

We talk to Kurt, a software engineer who entered the tech industry with a passion for problem-solving and an eagerness to constantly learn new skills. Kurt shares his journey from Recruitment & Sales to building a solid foundation in coding to his current role in a tech consultancy as a Software Engineer, where he gets to work on a variety of technical projects across multiple industries. Join us as we dive into Kurt’s experience and insights on the ever-changing landscape of tech.

What were you doing before Le Wagon?

I previously worked in Recruitment & Sales for a number of years as a Consultant and Relationship Manager.

What is your current job title?

Software Engineer

Why did you choose to enter tech?

I love problem-solving, and it’s an ever-changing landscape, which means you constantly have to learn new skills in order to succeed. It’s something that really appealed to me. I also have a large family and mentor young people. There aren’t too many people who come from my background in this field, so I hope that by being visible, I can encourage more young people to get involved in tech. It’s a good place to be!

How and why did you pick this specific role?

I love learning and enjoy both front and backend, and in my current role, we get exposure to different technical projects using different technologies across multiple industries. It’s very rare to get that much-varied exposure in such a short time which is why I love working for a tech consultancy. Working in environments with smart, collaborative people is great as there is always something new to pick up, and I’m lucky to have a good work-life balance.

How would you summarise your experience at Le Wagon?

My experience at Le Wagon was great in giving me a good foundation in coding, given I had little experience prior to this other than a couple of online courses. At the end of the bootcamp, we could code in Ruby and JavaScript and build apps using Rails. I also met some lovely people who I’m still in touch with to this day.

Why did you join Le Wagon?

It had great reviews, and the fact you get to work in teams, learn different languages and build a full-scale web app at the end made it really appeal to me. The socials are great, too with sporting events, pub quizzes, yoga etc, which can really help break up the intense coding sessions.

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