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Luis: learning to code in between studies

With summer break and gap years around the corner, some students might be thinking about their future… Luis, our Web Development Student in Barcelona decided to join us in between his studies. Learn more about his story.
We have all been through these moments when we have a break coming, vacations or maybe a gap year with more free time and we are looking to optimise this free time and make the most out of it. 
A lot of our students make the decision to join us in between their studies in order to complete their business-oriented degree with a tech experience or add skills to their CV and stand out from the others.

This is the case of Luis, our amazing student from Web Development in Barcelona. 
Originally from Mexico, Luis took a semester off in his university to attend the bootcamp and meet new people in a new city.
After this bootcamp he is planning on continuing his studies and landing a great job. 
And that's the reason why he chose Le Wagon and here is his experience : 

Why did you decide to take a break from studying? 

I took a break because I was always in between studying finance or computer science. I always knew computer science and coding would always be important today and in the future, when I started investigating about schools I came across plenty of bootcamps. After I saw the results from bootcamp graduates I decided to attend Le Wagon and graduate with a career in finance.

Why would you recommend Le Wagon for anyone who would like to change their lives? 

I wouldn't say the bootcamp changed my career path but it greatly incremented my skills to combine finance with tech, fintech.
I believe everybody should at least attempt to code. You will have a huge advantage against any other person in your career. I would say learning to code prepares you for the future. I also feel that coding broadens your mindset toward any problem in life, allowing you to view the problem in a technical view and approach it with a different mindset.

If you also want to learn to code and change your life, apply to our next courses here https://www.lewagon.com/barcelona/apply
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