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“I used to be a pastry chef. Now I work in #FoodTech!”

Pastry baker in the army, David followed the Web Development bootcamp part-time, to study in parallel with his work. Today, he combines his two passions: Food and Tech.
After more than 10 years in pastry, David set out to combine his two passions: gastronomy and Tech.

In 2018, he landed a job as a designer and food stylist at Quitoque, a foodtech startup. He quickly realizes that many operational issues can be solved with a little technology. He then decided to take the plunge and join the Le Wagon community.

David joined the Web Development course at Le Wagon Paris part-time and spent six months learning to code alongside his full-time job. Since then, he’s landed a role as a Fullstack developer in Foodtech! His double hat allows him to grasp both operational and technical issues, which makes his profile all the more relevant.

Discover his journey!

You were a pastry chef before Le Wagon. What made you want to become a developer?

I’ve always had a soft spot for tech. After several years in the restaurant business and a lot of frustration, I decided to take matters into my own hands and train myself to combine my two passions: gastronomy and tech.

It made sense to me, because I knew all the needs of the sector. I just needed the right tools to address them. I had to train myself to understand the technology.

When did you finally say to yourself “I’m going for it”?

It was September 2020, a few months before I started my training. I had just passed a milestone in my professional career and I needed new challenges. And at that point, it became obvious and I went for it and applied.

How long had you been wanting to change careers before you took the plunge?

Tech has always been a passion, but when I was young, I hadn’t found the right learning environment. So I first chose to train in a manual trade – cooking – with the Compagnons du Devoir. After 13 years in the craft, I had time to reflect on and develop my project. In the end, I decided to start when the time was right for me.

Are there any similarities between being a pastry chef and being a Developer?

Much more than one could imagine! The first common point for me would be curiosity. The role of a Developer is one that constantly evolves, just like baking. You shouldn’t be afraid to look at what can be done, or how others do it. You learn something new every day.

The second common point would be to not be afraid of failure. I failed quite a few times on my custards during the first few months of my apprenticeship! As a junior in a tech profession, it’s normal to make mistakes and ask questions. The goal is to understand them and not make them again.

What are the 3 things you remember about your training at Le Wagon?

  • I loved the general atmosphere in my class. I did the Le Wagon training part-time over 6 months (with evening and Saturday classes), which is longer than full-time.
  • I was able to make real friendships with the other students who were with me. The curriculum is really well done, it’s a very enjoyable step-by-step learning process. You really see yourself grow over time.
  • Another key point is the group work: you never feel alone and that makes a difference in the success of the program.

How long did it take you to find a job after the training?

I had the chance to change jobs internally, the company I was with supported me in this first experience. It was only after 8 months in the technical department that I decided to apply to another company, still in foodtech.

Are you still in touch with the Le Wagon community?

I often participate in Le Wagon’s Career Weeks, to give advice to graduating students. I feel it’s important to pass on the knowledge and advice I wish I had. The goal is to give as much insight as possible to new students entering this market.

What has changed in your life since your career change?

I get up much later! Joking aside, I think that having skills in gastronomy and in Tech allows me to have another vision on this sector. It’s a real pleasure to see the profession save time thanks to new tools. I feel really useful, it’s very pleasant.

What are the 3 things you like best about your job as a developer?

I really like the responsibilities you can have. Every action has its impact and it’s a real challenge. Teamwork is also an important element for me.

A message of encouragement for those who have not yet dared to take the plunge?

It seemed natural to me to write on LinkedIn and to tell a little about my journey and the steps that allowed me to reach this career change. If I had to pass on some advice, it would be to not count the hours, to be curious and never give up! Time will do the rest.
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