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From Engineering to Data Science: a successful journey with Le Wagon

In the ever-changing world of technology, new opportunities arise for those looking to push their boundaries and broaden their skills.

In the ever-changing world of technology, new opportunities arise for those looking to push their boundaries and broaden their skills.

Wafa Benzaoui, a vision and image processing enthusiast, has done just that by embracing the burgeoning field of Data Science through our intensive program. Her exceptional journey and experiences are well worth sharing.

A fruitful career before Le Wagon

Before launching herself into the world of Data Science, Wafa already had an impressive career behind her.

A graduate in Automation Engineering from the École Polytechnique d’Alger, she went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Robotics and Intelligent Systems, specializing in vision and image processing.

Adding to her range of skills, she will soon be submitting her doctoral thesis in vision and artificial intelligence. Her professional background also includes eight years of university teaching and scientific research in Algeria, as well as experience in the start-up sector with her own machine vision and quality control company.

She has also enriched her expertise by working as a researcher at the University of Sherbrooke, Canada.

The right choice for Le Wagon and Data Science

Wafa chose to join Le Wagon on the recommendation of her brother, who works in the Data Science field in Paris. Attracted by Le Wagon’s outstanding reputation, she made the decision to dive into the Data Science program. For Wafa, this choice was the natural evolution of her background and skills.

Data Science enabled her to bring together her previous expertise in vision, artificial intelligence and programming.

“I had the theoretical background, but I needed to put it all under one theme, and put it into practice,” she adds.

What’s more, as Wafa had recently moved to Canada, this training proved to be the key to opening doors in the local job market.

The challenges and rewards of Data Science

For Wafa, the field of Data Science is characterized by its constant and stimulating challenges.

Every day brings new challenges, feeding her thirst for continuous learning and complex problem-solving. With Le Wagon’s program, she has fulfilled her expectations by acquiring various approaches, libraries, tools and tips for tackling Data Science problems effectively.

The daily interactions with the other bootcamp students, all with different backgrounds and unique experiences, also enabled her to learn from each other and boost her motivation.

From knowledge to practice

Her expertise in vision and image processing was a great help to Wafa during the program exercises and for the final team project. Her theoretical knowledge was also put to good use during the challenges linked to vision and image processing in the data domain.

After completing the program, Wafa began her job search in the data science field.

A few months after the training, Wafa was hired by a start-up that perfectly matched her aspirations, thanks to the Le Wagon’s career services and network of partners.

A bright future ahead

Today, Wafa works as a Data Scientist and Computer Vision Engineer at AssistIQ, a start-up that seamlessly merges her passion for vision with her Data Science skills.

She also continues to share her knowledge through teaching.

Expert advice for aspiring data scientist

For those thinking of entering the Data Science field, Wafa offers sound advice: immerse yourself in the program full-time, master Python before you start, and above all, don’t be afraid to take the first step.

In her words, “Le Wagon is the pathway to new opportunities and exciting horizons.”

Finally, when asked about recommending Le Wagon to others looking to change careers or broaden their skills, Wafa doesn’t hold back.

Strongly impressed by her own career transformation and the flexibility of the data field, she unhesitatingly recommends Le Wagon as the ideal springboard to launch herself into the ever-changing world of Data Science.


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